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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Awesome Randomness!

Exams are finally over! Since nothing much happened to me recently, I'm just gonna blog about awesome random stuff!

Okay, so Myra didn't like my previous top 5 hot guys list. So, I decided to make a new one. I have to admit that my previous list was not all that great and it featured Christina's model hubby who I doubt she still remembers (sorry, Chris!). Anyway, this is my new list.

Ty's Top 5 Hottest Guys (Countdown)
At number 5 we have.... Alex Pettyfer, from a model to an actor, he has starred in Stormbreaker, Wild Child and the much anticipated new movie, Beastly. He's British and he's such a gentleman in Wild Child. Am jealous of Emma Roberts for getting to work with him!

Beating Alex Pettyfer and coming in fourth in my list is Max Theriot. He has acted in Catch That Kid, The Pacifier and Jumper. I like him 'cause he's cute, especially with his blue eyes and slightly baby-ish face.

And omg! We have an Asian on the list! 罗志祥!He sings, acts and dances! He's really funny and pretty good-looking.

Anyway, let's move on. This was a pretty hard decision. But... the second hottest guy on my list is *drum rolls* Zac Efron! Yup! The HSM and 17 Again actor. At first he had been removed from my heart 'cause the Aussies here reckon he's gay, just because he can sing and dance. But ever since I watched 17 Again, I've fallen in love with him again!

And lastly.... *long drum rolls* (Myra this is your fave!) The number one, the hottest, the best guy on my list! Taylor Lautner! He is hot and I mean super hot! It wasn't obvious when he did Shark Boy and Lava Girl and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. But he sure grew up to be a hottie! Starred in Twilight the movie, he is reprising his role as Jacob Black in New Moon!

Okay, now that the list is done (and I hope both Myra and Christina approves of this list this time) Let's move on to more random stuff. I know that this coming from me may sound weird and I will clarify things now before we move on. I did not make this up! Whoever made this must have been a guy! If you were to pass this on to other people for laughs, do not say you heard or read it from me! 'Cause I got it off someone else! So the sweet and innocent image of me in your eyes shall not be tarnished! lol.

Question: Why are bra sizes categorised with letters and by alphabetical order?

Answer: Because each letter represents something!

A : Almost boobs
B : Barely there
C : Can do
D : Damn fine
E : Extremely big
F : Fake

I was a bit affronted when I heard it (and you guess why) but I've gotten over it. And I must admit that whoever came up with this is quite creative. =) Anyway, the E one might be wrong 'cause I only remember it vaguely but it's along those lines. Lol. What's your bra size? Bahaha!

Anyway... Was that random enough for you? I wrote a random poem the other day when I was (or should be) studying biology but I've already read my textbook three times and my notes countless times, so I was bored. And I got creative. You might like this one more than my Recession poem, 'cause this one is not verbose. It hasn't got a title yet though. And I think I might enter this one for the Literary Comp instead of the Recession poem. I'll have to ask my English teacher for her opinion.

Casting a quick glance at the clock;
how long has she had this writer's block?
Sitting in her chair and searching her mind,
she tried to look for words that rhyme.

Pen poised and ready in front of her notes,
then she randomly and aimlessly wrote:
"Humble bumble, bees that rumble.
Tumble mumble, old men that stumble."

She stops.
Biting the tip of her pen, her bubble just popped;
It rhymes but it doesn't make sense.
With a sigh, she gave up her little pretence.

She's not a writer but an ideas person;
No creations but merely interesting notions.
Then she said aloud,
"Humbl bumble, bees that rumble.
Although I've stumbled,
I'll still stand tall and proud."
Copyright (C) Ty Phang

So, what did you think? Hope you were able to see pass it's childish exterior and like it. =)
Okay, that's all the "awesome" randomness from me now! Adios!