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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Makeup Guru

A friend of mine downloaded all the issues of Marie Claire 2010 (US version) in PDF format and gave me a copy of all of them. I don't think Marie Claire would be too pleased to hear that! Anyway, for a while I became addicted to reading Tim Gunn's column called Gunn Laws, tips from The Careerist and anything to do with "styling your hair". In the October issue, one of their articles caught my attention. It was titled "Your future in their hands: 18 women who are changing the world". Marie Claire chose 18 talented "high-powered" career women, from different backgrounds and fields, to feature. I was interested in one woman in particular. Or should I say girl or young lady?

Michelle Phan, in her early twenties (the magazine says she's 23 but she could be 24 now that it's 2011), is a video makeup artist. If I got my facts right, she's the first person to start posting makeup tutorials on Youtube. She's earned the name "Makeup Guru" and has at least a million views on almost every single one of her videos! I've checked them out and they are good. So ladies, I believe we can learn a trick or two from her. Apart from makeup, she also teaches about hair and fashion. She's now a spokesperson for Lancome. Amazing? I know!

Here are a few of my favourites! They are worth checking out. You might want to watch them on Youtube or view with full screen. The full size looks better.

Hope you've enjoyed the videos as much as I did! Check out her Youtube channel for more.