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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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After working on my draft for my English essay that I have to write on Thursday as a class test-working on quotes of characters from Tomorrow, When the War Began to be more specific-I discovered that I had a sudden craze for quotes. No, I don’t mean I’m suddenly spewing out random quotes from famous people. An idea suddenly struck me and I have to say-unabashedly-I am inspired by Christina’s blog entries. She can charge me for plagiarism if she wants to but we’ll be talking about originality here. I am not copying her blogs words for word. I am just taking some of her ideas. You can compare our work if you want. This is her blog site address: everybodyloveschris.blogspot.com

Let’s begin. This entry is all about quotes and I am writing these quotes from memory so they might not be a hundred percent accurate. Some of these quotes may not make sense to you because they are written in Malaysian slang.

“You mangkok lah, you!” –Christina Soh. She often said that when one of her best or good friends did or say something stupid. Apparently, since I left, she has changed it to “You noob lah, you!”

“I dunno. She weird one lah, she.” –Myra Goon. She always told me about her friends, be it ones that she just made or ones that she’s known for a while. She’d describe them and tell me about something they did that was out of the ordinary. I’d say something like, “Uh, why does she do that one?” then Myra’s reply would be none other than “I dunno. She weird one lah, she.”

“Yes, I am a genius!” –Megan Teoh. Yes, she may be a genius with her crazy but wonderful ideas. Chris, Myra and I often called her muka tembok. She is not ashamed to call herself a genius. After all it is true. Megan can think up of great things that no one has ever thought of. I’d definitely vote for her if she runs for the Prime Minister of Malaysia!

Aiyah, I am going to die lah! I have to study!! I have to get an A for Chinese!!” –Carmen Law. This quote is the least accurate but I believe it is close to whatever Carmen always says when I the exams are around the corner. Carmen, the all-rounder, stresses a lot about her studies and pretty much everything else that she does. You name it! Piano, violin, ballet, guitar, sports.

“I don’t give a ****ing damn lah!” –Jessica Tan. Okay, Christina can definitely sue me for plagiarism for this quote. Jessica pretty says that quite a lot, regarding her studies. But when her results come out, you can clearly see that she did give a ****ing damn. It doesn’t look like she did any studying but her results speaks for themselves.

Okay, that’s before I left for Australia. I am sure they are all still using these quotes because quite obviously they are still themselves, judging from the emails I received from them. It’s a good thing. Chris(tina), Myra, Megan, Carmen, Jess, let me know where I went wrong if you see this blog entry.

Just to be fair, I’ll quote the friends that I’ve made here in Australia.

“If Ms. Henry says anything about my _____, I’ll rape her.” –Velouria Brausch a.k.a. Lori. Well, there’s a space there because the answer ranges from earrings to bracelets, to hair. After Lori says something like that, I’d go, “Why would you want to rape Ms. Henry?” Then, she’s laugh, “God, no, who would want to rape her?” Of course she didn’t mean to literally rape her least favourite teacher. She just says that out of habit.

“Oh my God! That’s such a Rodney thing to say! _____________________!” –Claire Maniti. She and Rodney are like buddies. She says that she loves Rodney but not in that way. Rodney would say something, then she’d say said quote and then mimic whatever he said in a mocking tone. After that, she’d laugh her head off. That’s Claire for me!

“F***!” –Marjorie Cawayan. Okay, I know that this by right shouldn’t be a quote. But she always says it like she invented it. That word belongs to Marj. She is sweet but she swears like Gordan Ramsay. Okay, maybe not as bad as him but close to it! She says that word instead of “Oh my God” or “Oh no”. It’s a good thing that she has cut down swearing a bit now.

“Guess what? Guess what? …. Nothing!” –Matt I-don’t-really-know-his-last-name-‘cause-it’s-too-long-for-me-to-remember. That’s one of Matt’s weapons to annoy people. He may have the prettiest blue eyes and be a great friend sometimes but one thing remains a constant variable, he is damn annoying when he does the “Guess what? Guess what? … Nothing!” thing. It annoys the hell out of me and plenty other people and he enjoys it.

“Guess what? Guess what? … I’m cool!” –David Corby. I don’t know who copied off whom but compared to Matt’s, David’s is less annoying. David would sometimes change it to “Guess what? Guess what? … I’m sexy!”

“See, I’m smart!” –Melanie Singh. Mel would make a “‘clever’ dumb blonde remark” and then pronounce her self as smart. I am not saying that she is totally hopeless and dumb but honestly, if you heard her, you’d pengsan (faint in Malay). Okay, maybe I am contradicting myself here. How can a dumb blonde make a smart remark? Well, Mel managed to pull it off.

I’d quote myself but I can’t remember what I usually say. It’s probably something very annoying or dumb as well. Do refresh my memory if you know what my quote is!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cezka's Performance on Women's Day

She has an amazing voice! I am sure she'll get discovered by the age of 21. If she doesn't, there's definitely something wrong with this world!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This was Poh Chen's request. She wanted me to write stuff about school and friends. So, I'll write something about my friends and school!

Lori: She is extremely funny, friendly, fun, lovely, beautiful and kind.
Ms. Henry is our year level coordinator and most of us don't really like her 'cause she is fierce and strict. Anyway, Ms. Henry is fat and she wears purple most of the time. So, purple is probably her fave colour. Anyway, Lori really hates her 'cause she gets in trouble with Ms. Henry a lot for wearing the wrong earrings. Then, there was once, before roll class began, Lori suddenly said, "Here comes big fat purple and ugly!" At first I was puzzled 'cause I didn't know what or who she was talking about. I turned around and saw Ms. Henry walking towards D block, wearing a purple top, with a scowl on her face. I burst out laughing after that but it was a good thing Ms. Henry didn't catch what Lori said.

Claire: Hilarious (in a strange and annoying way, sometimes.), nice, smart, responsible and interesting (as in not boring at all). She came from America and now she is back there 'cause her visa was stuffed up and she had to go back to reapply before coming back here again.
She loves drinking iced coffee and gets high after a few swigs. She gets really hyper and squeals at anything she finds interesting. And she'd talk a hundred words per minute. It's funny and yet scary sometimes.

Marj: She is lovely (only when she is not swearing), nice, kind, pretty and a good-listener.
There was once she decided that she was going to cut down swearing 'cause she pretty swears every few minutes. She told everyone that she was going to cut down to only five swear words a day and that if she exceeds five swear words, she was going to give everyone 50 cents. I was with her before roll class and we had science and then drama together. Within the first two and a half hours of the day, she managed to swear more than five times. I was like, "Marj! That's your fifth one!", "Marj! That was your sixth one! Now you'll have to pay all of us 50 cents!" She moaned, "I'm broke!! Shh! Don't tell anyone else. I'll give you and Claire 50 cents 'cause you guys are the ones who heard me swear." In the end, I didn't take her money. In the end, she chucked the resolution. In the end, she's still swearing a lot.

Cezka: Cute, petite, has a beautiful singing voice, cheerful, funny and friendly.
She was practising singing. When they stopped a while, Marj's boyfriend, Anthony, decided to take the microphone from her and burp into it. Then, Cezka got the mic back and burped into it. Then, Anthony had another go 'cause Cezka burped louder than him. Cezka retrieved her mic and burped again. Then she tried again. It was one loud burp for a small person like her! Then, she shuddered, disgusted with herself and then grinned.

Mel: Pretty, funny (in a clueless way), a kid at heart and heaps of fun.
She is quite clueless sometimes. She is still a bit like a little kid although her physique tells you a different story. She was asked if a submarine had everyone she knew and loved in it and it sinked, who are the two people she would save first? She answered my best friend (I don't remeber what her best friend's name is)... We didn't let her finish 'cause the rest of us burst out laughing. She was like, "What?" We tried to explained to her that submarines sink to move underwater but she just went "huh?" but after a while she managed to get it.


Luckiest girl alive. That’s what I consider myself to be. After all, I was sent an angel, to protect me, to watch over me, to guide me… to love me. As I neared him, my heartbeat rate increased up to a hundred kilometres per second, slamming hard against my ribs. It was so loud that I thought everyone around me could hear it. My face flushed as he looked up and met my gaze. It was… magical. The corners of his mouth lifted into a mesmerising smile. My heart stopped instantaneously. For a moment, I had forgotten how to breathe.

“This must be a dream,” I thought to myself in amazement.

But his voice gently yanked me out of my reverie. This wasn’t a dream. This was all real. Although it may seem that he was too good to be true, too good to be mine, too good for me to deserve him, he was anything but a dream. He was as real as the rays of sunlight that emitted from the sun, as true as the law of physics, as existent as gravity is. He was just as real as you and I. He was a human that was an angel in my eyes.

“Hey,” he greeted me softly.

His voice was like bells that chimed gently and soothingly. I looked into his eyes and almost drowned in them. To me, they were a perfect shade of brown, intense, intelligent, eloquent, gentle, sincere and unmistakeably full of love, affection and adoration. He had an aura of pure good, making him by the far the closest person to a saint that I’ve ever encountered.

I could barely believe that a person like him acknowledged me, let alone loved me. Am I really that loveable? Do I deserve him? Those questions were repeated several times in my head each time I laid eyes on him. Yes, I was the luckiest girl alive and I can unashamedly admit that I want to be that for the rest of my life. I am lucky and selfish to have him. He’s the angel that I’ve been waiting for.


I stared into his deep brown eyes. They were always intense, sincere and eloquent. Eyes that had always made my heart flutter and beat ten times faster whenever I gazed into them. These were a different set of eyes. I was looking into a different person. He was hurt and in pain. I couldn’t believe I had done such a horrible thing. I don’t deserve to live anymore. I want to run away. No. I don’t want to run away. I want something bad to happen to me, to hurt me in a way that I had hurt him. I couldn’t bear to look into his sad eyes any longer. I tore my gaze away, tears pooling in my eyes. I don’t deserve him. He deserves someone better than me, someone who truly loves him.

“It’s not your fault,” he managed in calm voice. He was faking his calmness. I saw the hurt and betrayal in his beautiful eyes. He was only being calm for his own sake, not mine. At least that was what I thought.

“I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have hurt you,” I said in the steadiest voice I could manage. I stared at the ground, too afraid to look into his eyes again.

“There were a lot of things you shouldn’t have done. There were also a lot of things that I shouldn’t have done as well. We all make mistakes. We’re only human,” he sighed.

“But what I did was unforgiveable!” I exclaimed.

Why was he being so nice to me? Why won’t he scream at me? Why? I don’t deserve any kindness. He is being cruel by being kind to me. I was encompassed by guilt. I was completely tormented by the guilt, pain and remorse I felt. I was furious with myself. I was also angry at him for letting me get away with this.

“Why won’t you shout at me? Why aren’t you angry at me for doing this to you?” I shouted in a shrill voice as hot tears began rolling down my cheeks.

“Calm down. I am not angry at you. I won’t be able to resolve anything by shouting at you,” he replied meekly.

“Why can’t you be angry at me? Why? You think that you’re making me feel better by being all kind and forgiving?” I sobbed uncontrollably. I was surprised that I was still able to talk or shout.

There was silence for a long time. The silence went on for so long that I thought he had walked away and left me. That’s what I deserved. I had my eyes closed but I decided to lift my head, open my eyes to check if he actually walked away. He was still standing there just like a few minutes ago. Our gazes met. This time, I couldn’t tear my gaze away from his eyes. His eyes glistened with tears but shone with love.

“That’s because I love you.”

How to steal a girl’s heart

1. Talk to her whenever you can. Listen to her when she has something to say.

2. Spend as much time with her as possible but not so much that it appears like you’re a stalker. Just start off as friends.

3. If she considers you as a good friend, take that as a good sign. Keep up with whatever you’re doing.

4. Show her that you can laugh and smile. Girls don’t like guys without humour. (But of course, it has to be the right type of humour)

5. When she cries, don’t panic. A lot of guys panic when girls cry. You shouldn’t. All you have to do is hold on to her (if she doesn’t mind you doing so) and tell her that everything will be alright. Sometimes, crying helps girls recompose themselves.

6. Remember her birthday. Girls make a big deal out of birthdays and we’re not ashamed to admit that. Get her something. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. It’s the thought that counts. They’ll cherish your gift forever.

7. When she makes mistakes, tell her that it’s okay and help her sort things out if you can.
Show her your support in whatever she does or participates in. (but of course, it has to be good things that she’s doing, not bad things)

8. Text messages, emails, letters, cards. Girls love them. They’ll read them over and over again and never get bored of them. They’ll keep them like treasures. Even a few simple words can mean a lot to them.

9. When a girl begs you not to do something, it’s very likely because she cares about you and doesn’t want you to get hurt, so don’t do it if you can.

10. When her arms are not folded or her hands are not in her pockets, take her hand, it’s very likely that she let them out because she wants you to hold one of them.

11. When she moves up close to you, it means that she wants a hug.

12. When a girl asks you “how are you?” she genuinely wants to know how you’re feeling. And if you lie to her and she detects the lie, she will think that you’re pushing her away. You won’t be helping yourself by keeping your problems to yourself.

13. Most girls love flowers even though they wilt easily. For Valentine’s Day, you can get her flowers. Even one stalk means a lot.

14. Guys sometimes have different tastes in music from girls. It wouldn’t hurt to try to listen to the type of music she listens to. Girls are thrilled when there are people who love and listen to the same songs as they do.

15. Don’t get overly jealous when you see her talking to or laughing with another guy. Girls don’t like guys who get jealous easily and who are overly protective. It annoys them.

16. Don’t be clingy. You don’t have to hold on to her 24/7. Girls also want to spend time with her girlfriends, just like how guys want to spend time with their mates.

17. To ask a girl out, you don’t have to plan anything special. You may if want it to be really memorable. Just as long as you ask when you two are alone. Don’t blurt it out in front of friends.

18. When a girl says she needs time to think, be cool about it. Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that she will say no. In fact, it’s a lot better if she thinks it through instead of answering you impulsively.

19. When you praise her or give her compliments, don’t be affronted if she denies your praise or compliments. In actual fact, she is quite pleased but she doesn’t want to appear arrogant.

20. Don’t be bothered when she does better than you academically. Girls like to be known for their brains besides beauty. Congratulate her. Keep up with her if you can. It makes her happy to see her boyfriend do well in school work just as well as she is.

21. Girls love sweet things that guys say but they mustn’t be lies.

22. When a girl wants a kiss, she seriously wants it. She’ll give you signs that may not be very obvious but you’ll have to observant because it does slightly frustrate her if you don’t kiss her when she wants you to.

23. All girls have flaws just like every other human being. Don’t be fussy because you’ll never find a perfect human being. Just accept some of her faults and help her correct them if you can. (Unless she is a total b**** then it’s a different story)

24. It really breaks her heart when you don’t get along with her friends, especially her best friends. You’ll have to try harder to cooperate. If you don’t like her friends, just give up because it’s likely that you will find yourself not liking her later on. Birds of the same feather flock together.

25. When a girl really likes you, she’ll act differently in front of you compared to when she is with her friends because she doesn’t want you to dislike her because of some of her habits etc.

26. Don’t be surprised when you catch her doing something out of the ordinary because that’s her true self that’ll you’ll hardly be able to catch a glimpse of.

27. If she acts really cool in front of you, she’s actually really anxious or panicking.

28. It’s great if a girl acts like her usual self in front of you. It means that she is extremely comfortable with you and has nothing to hide. Remember, what you can do is act like yourself as well. Don’t pretend to be what you’re not.

29. Girls try really hard to impress guys. Then again, it’s very easy to impress them. Be a gentleman. Be thoughtful. Be kind. All those are more than enough to impress a girl.

30. There are some guys who are jerks and they enjoy annoying and teasing girls which isn’t the right way to get their attention. Make sure you’re not one of those jerks because girls loathe and despise jerks.

31. The words “I love you” are a big deal to girls. Make sure you mean it when you say it. It means A LOT to them. When she says those words to you, she truly means it. (But there are cases when they are liars but that’s a whole different story)

32. “I miss you” are also words that they love hearing. Let her know if you miss her. Because she won’t feel like the only one suffering from the temporary separation. You’re also letting her know that you love her.

33. Lastly, you can learn a bit about touching a girl’s heart if you listen to Jojo’s “How To Touch A Girl”. Give it a go if you want. That song can teach guys a few things about stealing a girl’s heart.

Guys, repost this if you want to share it with your mates.
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Good luck winning a girl’s heart.

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