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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gurls with (Fake) Curls!

Image source: becomegorgeous.com

My hair is naturally straight. Just like many of you who defy the laws of nature, straightening your curly hair, I permed my straight hair. In my last post, I talked about curly hair updos. I thought of those who have straight hair. I mean, what about you ladies who don't want to fork out a lot to get curly hair that lasts only a few months? What if you like to have curly hair sometimes and straight hair other times? Well, you're in luck because there are diverse ways of getting those locks of yours curly!

Got a curling iron? Try:
Krista's Romantic Curls
Jessica Harlow's Hair Curling Tutorial

Got a hair straightener? Try:
Jessica Harlow's How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron
maikmoua's How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

Want to do it the "natural way"? Try:
Krista's Heatless Curls
Evenlinicutza's Heatless Curls/DIY Hair Rollers

Take your pick. All of the tutorials listed in here are my favourites. I hope you like them as much as I do!

I would also like to give a special mention to Evenlinicutza. I think that this beauty trick is very clever and I want to share it with everyone! This is really great if you can't afford false eyelashes but want to achieve a similar effect.


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Curly Hair Updos

So I ran dry on inspiration recently. That's why I haven't posted in a few days. Plus, I've been busy helping mum prepare food for a big lunch that we hosted. Anyway, I was meant to be studying when I suddenly felt like playing with my hair for a bit. I wanted to try out a couple of updos for curly hair. Yes, I permed my hair again recently. Here's a photo of what my hair looked like on the day of the perm. I apologise for the quality of the photo because it was taken from my phone.

It's been a couple of weeks since the perm and my hair looks different again. I will take another photo with my camera once the giant pimple on my chin is gone. The following are links to tutorials of three favourite updos of mine. They are the type that don't ruin permed hair. Or at least I think so.

Remember Rihanna's 80s Curly Updo? Well you can achieve this hairstyle by watching this tutorial.

Image source: beautyriot.com

Going for a romantic dinner with your significant other this Valentines Day? Why not try LuxyHair's gorgeous side updo for size?

If you have shorter but curly hair and want to style it up for an occasion or just a day out with your girlfriends, try TBD's Short Hair Chignon.


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pretty Pout

Source: lifestylelebanon.com

So if you read my recent haul post, you would know by now that I bought a MAC lipstick and I love it to bits. There's only a tiny problem in our lipstick-owner relationship. My lipstick doesn't love me back as much. My lips shrivel up within minutes of application. I don't know if its the ingredients/formula for Plink! in particular or if all MAC lipsticks will have the same effect on me. As much as I love the colour, it's causing me a lot of grief. There is no way I'm going to throw it out (it costed me a lot of money).

As I desperately tried to get my full pout back, I slicked on my Bobbi Brown Lip Balm religiously, day and night. It helped my lower lip but it couldn't save my upper lip. For a while, I thought I was doomed to have a shrivelled upper lip forever. I've done some reading and I learnt that there's a difference between lip balms and lip moisturisers. Some lip balms help keep moisture in but does not actually hydrate our lips. So if your lips don't have much moisture to begin with, those lip balms aren't going to do you much good.

I recalled reading a post on TBD some time back. It was on a DIY lip scrub. I even read on a number of websites (one of which was beautyheaven.com) that lip scrubs exfoliate your lips, removing all those dry and dead skin cells, and make your lips softer and smoother. I decided that I have nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. I followed the instructions on TBD's post (well, more or less). Here's what I did differently:

- Instead of a teaspoon, I used a tiny teaspoon (yes, there's such thing) for the raw sugar and honey.
- I did not leave the lip scrub on for a few minutes. Once I slicked some on, I started to scrub my lips gently in circular motions.
- Afterwards, I remove the lip scrub with water and pat my lips dry with a towel.
- I then apply a layer of Lucas' Papaw Ointment, if not olive oil.
- I stored it in a small container. The recipe is for multiple uses. It doesn't go bad because honey itself is already "too sweet" for bacteria to survive on.

The results are astonishing. I did this on alternate days and after a couple of times, my lips were no longer shrivelled. They're now smooth and soft, almost completely back to its former glory! Unfortunately, I did not take a before and after photo. You will just have to take my word for it.

There are some variations for homemade lip scrubs. The most basic one is the one I tried. If you are up for something more complex and even more beneficial here are a couple of good ones:
Deliciously Organized's Lip Scrub
Pink Pistachio's Lip Scrub

Want kissable lips? Michelle Phan shows us how to achieve it.


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Missoni Nail Art

I was inspired by TBD's post on missoni nail art that I tried it out myself. I only did it on my thumb because I wasn't even sure I could pull it off. Plus, it's time consuming if you are meticulous, can't stand crooked lines and want to get it absolutely perfect.

Mine doesn't look all too good up close. But if I hold my thumb away far enough, it looks pretty cool. The fun thing about this is that the colours don't have to go in any specific order. You can change the colour order for different fingers. It's up to you which colours are to be repeated and which aren't. If your nail polish doesn't come with a fine tip brush, you'll need a small and thin paint brush.

Colours I used:
Dark purple (as the base)
Black (one with fine tip for nail art)
Bright orange
Bright yellow

Get creative! You don't have to stick with the colours I used. Google "Missoni" for some ideas. After having done it on my thumb, I feel like doing it to all my nails now. I should really be studying though! Enjoy.

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment and I'd be happy to answer it for you.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Style Files

If I were to skim through Lookbook.nu or the Fashion category of Pinterest.com, which outfits do I like and would wear? I'll give you a few ideas. Note, this is just for fun and I'm not saying that these outfits would suit me or be flattering on me.

I found this on Pinterest and the original source is Tumblr. Ever since I saw this photo, I've been searching for a similar-looking blazer. I wanted the same colour as well. So far, no luck. I reckon this would be a good day out look.

I saw this next one on DDGD, the original source is Lookbook.nu. This looks lovely for a night out during summer. I absolutely love how the photo was taken as well. I'd love to pull off a dress like that but unfortunately, I am not tall enough.

I really like the look of those button-up skirts. They can be made from men's work shirts. This outfit is so wearable. I can imagine myself donning it to uni during winter. Source: Lookbook.nu

I really like how she matched her lipstick to her scarf. Or it could have been the other way round. I think it is a really cute look. A pop of colour amidst all the white snow! Source: Lookbook.nu

That's all I have for now. Till next time!

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Converse Convert

Allow me to introduce a new addition to my shoe family...

Purple Chucks!

Aren't they just handsome? The word gorgeous is reserved for my high heels.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Last Song

I just finished reading The Last Song. I've been wanting to read a Nicholas Sparks books for a very long time, since Myra recommended them to me and since watching The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. I finally went to the library and borrowed the book, not because I watched the movie and love Miley Cyrus, but because I heard that it's a good story.

Image source: fanpop.com

It's a known fact that Nicholas Sparks' novels make people weep. I was sure I wasn't going to cry because I was armed with the knowledge that someone always dies in his novels. It's like Shakespeare, except in Shakespeare's case everyone dies. Anyway, back to the main point. Boy, was I wrong. Even with foresight, I was taken by surprise and the tears came without warning. The ending wasn't what I expected, which is good, for I hate predictable stories. It's not a gripping novel but it's definitely touching and a page-turner.

My version of a non-spoiler blurb:

City girl, Ronnie, has to spend summer with her dad in a sleepy small town. A series of events leads to Ronnie changing her attitude, behaviour and beliefs. She never thought that a small town like Wilmington would be so full of life and drama. Within a span of a few months, she experienced hatred, anger, happiness, sadness, betrayal, regret and love. It was the best and worst summer of her life. A summer that she would never forget.

I know that's probably a really dumb blurb and can be applied to a dozen similar novels but I don't want to ruin any surprises. I never read blurbs, they just kill the story for me. It's better if you read it and find out!

Suitable for ages 13 and above (in my opinion).

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday Surprise!

My best friend Nop, who lives in a city several hours of air travel away from me, visited me during the Christmas period. I spent a wonderful two weeks filled with tears, laughter and sheer madness with her, doing things that we have and haven't done before. I was quite sad on the day she left. I was emotional and a bit choked up on tears that were threatening to escape but I did my best not to show it. Because I knew that it would not be too long before I see her again. Plus, we email each other a lot.

So after dropping her off at the airport, my mum and I got home and sat down for lunch with my brother. I was halfway eating when there was a loud knock on the door. My mum went to check and found that the postman was delivering a package. I took one look at the writing at the front and immediately knew who it was from. The cute little stamp of Christina and her cat also confirmed it.

It was a birthday present from Christina, Myra and Megan! Although my birthday was more than a month ago, I didn't mind it one single bit. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised, thrilled and touched to received this beautiful present. (Note, I am not being sarcastic here. The paper bag only looks ugly because it took some battering on its way to me.)

They bought a scrapbooking materials set from smida paper (my favourite craft store) for me! I didn't bother taking a photo of all of its contents but this is what it looked like before I opened the packaging. It was a already opened (because the seal/sticker was broken) and I believe it was the customs going through the package to make sure no illegal items were being mailed in.

My friends also included a card. A Christmas/Belated Birthday card. Christina made it herself. Isn't it beautiful?

Now here comes the funny part. Inside the package was also another little package for Nop. Nop, who was visiting me, has already flown home on the same day this package arrived (literally a couple of hours after she left)! I did tell Myra about her visit and if the timing had been perfect, we would have received this package while she was still visiting me! Oh well, I'll just have to mail it to her. I must admit that I'm dying to find out what's inside though!

So I would like to say a very big thank you to my three friends. Best friends. For this wonderful and delightful birthday surprise. Even from a different continent, you guys managed to brighten up my otherwise dim (not exactly gloomy) day! And you may or may not have already stopped referring to me as your best friend (and I don't blame you), ever since my lack of presence but I can assure you that I have always and will always refer to you guys as mine.

My Addiction to All Things Makeup

It feels wonderful to be truly back and participating in the blogging community. That's right. You guessed it! We finally have internet at home!! I'm beyond euphoric. It took us two months to get it because the stupid company kept stuffing up our order! Anyway, better move on before I sink into a bad mood about that matter...

I've been wanting to do "haul posts" for a while now but I haven't had the time and the access to internet to do it. So this is a "collective haul post" and I'm doing it in chronological order.

In October, I went on a mini shopping spree to reward myself for doing well in a few quizzes. I bought a MAC lipstick, Katy Perry's perfume Purr and a red lipliner from Natio.

Out of all the items, I think I was most excited about the MAC lipstick because it's my first one. Well, it's not my first lipstick per se. My first one is a Rimmel London lipstick in red. Anyway, this one is pink and it's called Plink!. Isn't that cute name? It's under the Lustre range and it's a pretty pink with shine and very minute bits of (what appears to be) glitter in it. When applied, it looks a bit sheer (like semi-matte) but it's obvious that you're wearing a pink lipstick! I love it so much that I wear it everytime I go to work.

I used to be a member on dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com and I earned a fair bit of DDGD$, which I could exchange for some "SWAG". I exchanged almost all of my points for a Natio set. It looked like such a good deal that I couldn't resist. After all, it was free! The set consists of a mascara, a liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow palette. I haven't used any of the items yet. I initially wanted to do a giveaway on my blog with the eyeshadow palette but I somehow managed to make a big scratch on its plastic top that I see it not fit as a giveaway item.

The eyeshadow palette contains four colours. The shades are called Light, Gold, Bronze and Black. I must say that the "Bronze" looks more like a "Brown" and the "Black" looks more like a "Navy".

I've been wanting Urban Decay's Naked Palette for quite a few months now. I've read so many blog reviews and watched so many Youtube reviews and tutorials that I was convinced that my life would not be complete without it. So at the start of November, I ordered myself one from beautybay.com (I made sure there was a discount going on first!) and by the time it arrived, my end-of-semester exams were over. The timing was perfect.

In case you've never heard or seen the Naked Palette, this is what it looks like. It is the ultimate eyeshadow palette. All its colours are neutrals and so it is universally flattering. It comes with an eyeshadow brush and a small bottle of their famous Primer Potion (eye primer).

Here's a quick swatch that I did for each colour. I was a bit stingy so you may not be able to see the colours well on my skin. Do Google or Youtube it. It's AMAZING! Here's my favourite Naked Palette tutorial done by itsjudytime. My favourite colours are Virgin, Sin, Toasted and Hustle. So if you're a makeup-junkie-to-be, I suggest you get this palette. I can positively say that when it comes to eye makeup you can survive on this palette alone because you can come up with tons of looks with these 12 beautiful colours.

Then, came the dinner that I organised to celebrate mine and R's birthdays with some friends. That evening, I purchased a pair of MAC false lashes and wore it to the dinner. R was the one to pick them out and boy did he have a good eye! I'll upload a good photo of my makeup for the night once I get hold of them. It's on R's camera. I also bought a really gorgeous pair of Shu Uemura lashes a couple of weeks but I forgot to take a photo of it. I'll save that for my next beauty post. It costed me a lot of money but it's so beautiful that I reckon it's worth it.

But here's a photo of me wearing makeup for Christmas using the Naked Palette and my MAC lashes. And yup, that's my best friend Nop who was visiting me at the time.

Phew! We're finally at the end! You must be thinking. I actually wanted to put up more photos but I thought that it'd make this post way too long. So if you'd like to see more photos (up close shots) of the Naked Palette or my makeup for my birthday dinner and Christmas, just leave a comment below. If you'd like me to review any of the items that I've mentioned, please leave a comment as well. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I've enjoyed writing it!
Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I know it has been more than a month since I last posted something. I've been busy with exams, moving, visitors and the summer course that I've been forced to take (no thanks to the degree that I'm studying). To make things worse, our new place still doesn't have internet. I've been surviving on mobile internet for more than a month now. Hence, the lack of activity on this blog.

Anyway, to keep this post short and sweet. I'll be making more time to post once I get proper internet. Yes, that means more ramblings about beauty, hauls, arts & crafts and anything remotely worth my acknowledgement! I should probably add that to my New Year's resolution list.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and good break from all the stress from studying/work. Whoever you are, my dear reader, I hope the year 2012 brings you many wonderful things (not necessarily just material things!) and I wish you best of luck with all your endeavours!

P.S. The well wishes made to you, the reader, were based on the assumption that you are a good person. :)