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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sexily Vintage

As I booted Firefox, a popup appears, suggesting that I update my Personas Add-on. Without hesitation, I clicked 'Install'. Almost within seconds, it was done and I was presented with the latest set of "skins" for my web browser. I usually close the tab and proceed to surfing the net because I was contented with my anime Persona. However, this time, there were a few interesting ones that caught my eye. After "trying on" a couple, I searched through the Fashion category and bingo! I found something I liked. The Persona is called Retro Chic. It's of a sexy 1920s woman, in red lipstick, fingernails painted red, elegantly smelling a delicate red flower.

That spurred me on to find a gorgeous perfume ad poster that I saw in the city. The perfume is by Vivienne Westwood and is named "Naughty Alice". It's picture of a sexy-looking "Alice" in a figure-hugging red dress and old-fashioned red heels; her curly red locks billowing at her shoulders; her sultry lips lined in red and her eye lids touched in baby blue. She rests her forearms on a gigantic bottle of perfume named after her and stares lasciviously back me, mesmerising me. It didn't take me long to find it, save it and set it as my desktop background. Sexy, isn't she?

From there, I was driven to find a few pictures of vintage pin-up girls instead of revising my uni work. I've spontaneously decided I'd start a collection of them. Here are a couple of my favourites. I think I have a new found "fetish"! *gasp*

I bet all the pervs really enjoyed this post. Jokes. Not that anyone really reads my blog.