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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pretty Pout

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So if you read my recent haul post, you would know by now that I bought a MAC lipstick and I love it to bits. There's only a tiny problem in our lipstick-owner relationship. My lipstick doesn't love me back as much. My lips shrivel up within minutes of application. I don't know if its the ingredients/formula for Plink! in particular or if all MAC lipsticks will have the same effect on me. As much as I love the colour, it's causing me a lot of grief. There is no way I'm going to throw it out (it costed me a lot of money).

As I desperately tried to get my full pout back, I slicked on my Bobbi Brown Lip Balm religiously, day and night. It helped my lower lip but it couldn't save my upper lip. For a while, I thought I was doomed to have a shrivelled upper lip forever. I've done some reading and I learnt that there's a difference between lip balms and lip moisturisers. Some lip balms help keep moisture in but does not actually hydrate our lips. So if your lips don't have much moisture to begin with, those lip balms aren't going to do you much good.

I recalled reading a post on TBD some time back. It was on a DIY lip scrub. I even read on a number of websites (one of which was beautyheaven.com) that lip scrubs exfoliate your lips, removing all those dry and dead skin cells, and make your lips softer and smoother. I decided that I have nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. I followed the instructions on TBD's post (well, more or less). Here's what I did differently:

- Instead of a teaspoon, I used a tiny teaspoon (yes, there's such thing) for the raw sugar and honey.
- I did not leave the lip scrub on for a few minutes. Once I slicked some on, I started to scrub my lips gently in circular motions.
- Afterwards, I remove the lip scrub with water and pat my lips dry with a towel.
- I then apply a layer of Lucas' Papaw Ointment, if not olive oil.
- I stored it in a small container. The recipe is for multiple uses. It doesn't go bad because honey itself is already "too sweet" for bacteria to survive on.

The results are astonishing. I did this on alternate days and after a couple of times, my lips were no longer shrivelled. They're now smooth and soft, almost completely back to its former glory! Unfortunately, I did not take a before and after photo. You will just have to take my word for it.

There are some variations for homemade lip scrubs. The most basic one is the one I tried. If you are up for something more complex and even more beneficial here are a couple of good ones:
Deliciously Organized's Lip Scrub
Pink Pistachio's Lip Scrub

Want kissable lips? Michelle Phan shows us how to achieve it.


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