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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Luckiest girl alive. That’s what I consider myself to be. After all, I was sent an angel, to protect me, to watch over me, to guide me… to love me. As I neared him, my heartbeat rate increased up to a hundred kilometres per second, slamming hard against my ribs. It was so loud that I thought everyone around me could hear it. My face flushed as he looked up and met my gaze. It was… magical. The corners of his mouth lifted into a mesmerising smile. My heart stopped instantaneously. For a moment, I had forgotten how to breathe.

“This must be a dream,” I thought to myself in amazement.

But his voice gently yanked me out of my reverie. This wasn’t a dream. This was all real. Although it may seem that he was too good to be true, too good to be mine, too good for me to deserve him, he was anything but a dream. He was as real as the rays of sunlight that emitted from the sun, as true as the law of physics, as existent as gravity is. He was just as real as you and I. He was a human that was an angel in my eyes.

“Hey,” he greeted me softly.

His voice was like bells that chimed gently and soothingly. I looked into his eyes and almost drowned in them. To me, they were a perfect shade of brown, intense, intelligent, eloquent, gentle, sincere and unmistakeably full of love, affection and adoration. He had an aura of pure good, making him by the far the closest person to a saint that I’ve ever encountered.

I could barely believe that a person like him acknowledged me, let alone loved me. Am I really that loveable? Do I deserve him? Those questions were repeated several times in my head each time I laid eyes on him. Yes, I was the luckiest girl alive and I can unashamedly admit that I want to be that for the rest of my life. I am lucky and selfish to have him. He’s the angel that I’ve been waiting for.

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