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Saturday, June 21, 2008


This was Poh Chen's request. She wanted me to write stuff about school and friends. So, I'll write something about my friends and school!

Lori: She is extremely funny, friendly, fun, lovely, beautiful and kind.
Ms. Henry is our year level coordinator and most of us don't really like her 'cause she is fierce and strict. Anyway, Ms. Henry is fat and she wears purple most of the time. So, purple is probably her fave colour. Anyway, Lori really hates her 'cause she gets in trouble with Ms. Henry a lot for wearing the wrong earrings. Then, there was once, before roll class began, Lori suddenly said, "Here comes big fat purple and ugly!" At first I was puzzled 'cause I didn't know what or who she was talking about. I turned around and saw Ms. Henry walking towards D block, wearing a purple top, with a scowl on her face. I burst out laughing after that but it was a good thing Ms. Henry didn't catch what Lori said.

Claire: Hilarious (in a strange and annoying way, sometimes.), nice, smart, responsible and interesting (as in not boring at all). She came from America and now she is back there 'cause her visa was stuffed up and she had to go back to reapply before coming back here again.
She loves drinking iced coffee and gets high after a few swigs. She gets really hyper and squeals at anything she finds interesting. And she'd talk a hundred words per minute. It's funny and yet scary sometimes.

Marj: She is lovely (only when she is not swearing), nice, kind, pretty and a good-listener.
There was once she decided that she was going to cut down swearing 'cause she pretty swears every few minutes. She told everyone that she was going to cut down to only five swear words a day and that if she exceeds five swear words, she was going to give everyone 50 cents. I was with her before roll class and we had science and then drama together. Within the first two and a half hours of the day, she managed to swear more than five times. I was like, "Marj! That's your fifth one!", "Marj! That was your sixth one! Now you'll have to pay all of us 50 cents!" She moaned, "I'm broke!! Shh! Don't tell anyone else. I'll give you and Claire 50 cents 'cause you guys are the ones who heard me swear." In the end, I didn't take her money. In the end, she chucked the resolution. In the end, she's still swearing a lot.

Cezka: Cute, petite, has a beautiful singing voice, cheerful, funny and friendly.
She was practising singing. When they stopped a while, Marj's boyfriend, Anthony, decided to take the microphone from her and burp into it. Then, Cezka got the mic back and burped into it. Then, Anthony had another go 'cause Cezka burped louder than him. Cezka retrieved her mic and burped again. Then she tried again. It was one loud burp for a small person like her! Then, she shuddered, disgusted with herself and then grinned.

Mel: Pretty, funny (in a clueless way), a kid at heart and heaps of fun.
She is quite clueless sometimes. She is still a bit like a little kid although her physique tells you a different story. She was asked if a submarine had everyone she knew and loved in it and it sinked, who are the two people she would save first? She answered my best friend (I don't remeber what her best friend's name is)... We didn't let her finish 'cause the rest of us burst out laughing. She was like, "What?" We tried to explained to her that submarines sink to move underwater but she just went "huh?" but after a while she managed to get it.

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