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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


23.6.08 Started at 20:08 (Aussie time)

After working on my draft for my English essay that I have to write on Thursday as a class test-working on quotes of characters from Tomorrow, When the War Began to be more specific-I discovered that I had a sudden craze for quotes. No, I don’t mean I’m suddenly spewing out random quotes from famous people. An idea suddenly struck me and I have to say-unabashedly-I am inspired by Christina’s blog entries. She can charge me for plagiarism if she wants to but we’ll be talking about originality here. I am not copying her blogs words for word. I am just taking some of her ideas. You can compare our work if you want. This is her blog site address: everybodyloveschris.blogspot.com

Let’s begin. This entry is all about quotes and I am writing these quotes from memory so they might not be a hundred percent accurate. Some of these quotes may not make sense to you because they are written in Malaysian slang.

“You mangkok lah, you!” –Christina Soh. She often said that when one of her best or good friends did or say something stupid. Apparently, since I left, she has changed it to “You noob lah, you!”

“I dunno. She weird one lah, she.” –Myra Goon. She always told me about her friends, be it ones that she just made or ones that she’s known for a while. She’d describe them and tell me about something they did that was out of the ordinary. I’d say something like, “Uh, why does she do that one?” then Myra’s reply would be none other than “I dunno. She weird one lah, she.”

“Yes, I am a genius!” –Megan Teoh. Yes, she may be a genius with her crazy but wonderful ideas. Chris, Myra and I often called her muka tembok. She is not ashamed to call herself a genius. After all it is true. Megan can think up of great things that no one has ever thought of. I’d definitely vote for her if she runs for the Prime Minister of Malaysia!

Aiyah, I am going to die lah! I have to study!! I have to get an A for Chinese!!” –Carmen Law. This quote is the least accurate but I believe it is close to whatever Carmen always says when I the exams are around the corner. Carmen, the all-rounder, stresses a lot about her studies and pretty much everything else that she does. You name it! Piano, violin, ballet, guitar, sports.

“I don’t give a ****ing damn lah!” –Jessica Tan. Okay, Christina can definitely sue me for plagiarism for this quote. Jessica pretty says that quite a lot, regarding her studies. But when her results come out, you can clearly see that she did give a ****ing damn. It doesn’t look like she did any studying but her results speaks for themselves.

Okay, that’s before I left for Australia. I am sure they are all still using these quotes because quite obviously they are still themselves, judging from the emails I received from them. It’s a good thing. Chris(tina), Myra, Megan, Carmen, Jess, let me know where I went wrong if you see this blog entry.

Just to be fair, I’ll quote the friends that I’ve made here in Australia.

“If Ms. Henry says anything about my _____, I’ll rape her.” –Velouria Brausch a.k.a. Lori. Well, there’s a space there because the answer ranges from earrings to bracelets, to hair. After Lori says something like that, I’d go, “Why would you want to rape Ms. Henry?” Then, she’s laugh, “God, no, who would want to rape her?” Of course she didn’t mean to literally rape her least favourite teacher. She just says that out of habit.

“Oh my God! That’s such a Rodney thing to say! _____________________!” –Claire Maniti. She and Rodney are like buddies. She says that she loves Rodney but not in that way. Rodney would say something, then she’d say said quote and then mimic whatever he said in a mocking tone. After that, she’d laugh her head off. That’s Claire for me!

“F***!” –Marjorie Cawayan. Okay, I know that this by right shouldn’t be a quote. But she always says it like she invented it. That word belongs to Marj. She is sweet but she swears like Gordan Ramsay. Okay, maybe not as bad as him but close to it! She says that word instead of “Oh my God” or “Oh no”. It’s a good thing that she has cut down swearing a bit now.

“Guess what? Guess what? …. Nothing!” –Matt I-don’t-really-know-his-last-name-‘cause-it’s-too-long-for-me-to-remember. That’s one of Matt’s weapons to annoy people. He may have the prettiest blue eyes and be a great friend sometimes but one thing remains a constant variable, he is damn annoying when he does the “Guess what? Guess what? … Nothing!” thing. It annoys the hell out of me and plenty other people and he enjoys it.

“Guess what? Guess what? … I’m cool!” –David Corby. I don’t know who copied off whom but compared to Matt’s, David’s is less annoying. David would sometimes change it to “Guess what? Guess what? … I’m sexy!”

“See, I’m smart!” –Melanie Singh. Mel would make a “‘clever’ dumb blonde remark” and then pronounce her self as smart. I am not saying that she is totally hopeless and dumb but honestly, if you heard her, you’d pengsan (faint in Malay). Okay, maybe I am contradicting myself here. How can a dumb blonde make a smart remark? Well, Mel managed to pull it off.

I’d quote myself but I can’t remember what I usually say. It’s probably something very annoying or dumb as well. Do refresh my memory if you know what my quote is!

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  1. okay. I can't soooh you because there were credits bagi I but i could sooooh you for salah mia quote. Or should i say MONGKOK la yooh noob. bwahahahah!

    memuaskan. cuba lagi! =D