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Friday, September 12, 2008

National Tree Day Poem Competition

I entered a National Tree Day Poem Competition in July. Yes, all you have to do is stare at trees and be inspired. Technically, I didn't stare at trees when I wrote my poem. I was imagining them. Sitting at my study table with nothing but a patch of blue sky, a part of a house and a wooden fence to gaze at out of my window, I began writing my poem...

Please, Grow, Live and Be Free

Please, great oak tree,
I wish you could live, grow and be free;
I know how cruel this world can be;
Amputating parts of your body with menacing tools;
Carelessly transforming them into tables, books and stools.

Please, great mahogany tree,
The world would be lifeless without you, literally.
The world would suffer with you, excruciatingly.
The world would fall without your support, horribly.
The world would cease to exist without you, unfortunately.

Please, great eucalyptus tree,
May the most mellifluous voice sing for you.
May the most glorious sunshine shine upon you.
May ample amount of water quench you.
May you grow, live and be free.

By Dana P.

Guess what? I won something! I just received the prize and cert yesterday. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. This poem wasn't all that good. But the cert says: Highly Commended Awarded to ...(Insert my name)... for her outstanding poem.

I was actually surprised that I even got a cert. I mean, seriously, when you read that poem, did you think it was good? I didn't think it was that good at all... Anyway, I was freaking out when they called out my name during assembly. The person pronounced my name as "Da-na Fang". Go figure. Lori, who was sitting beside me was like: "Dana! That's you! Go!" I was like: "What?" and I got up. It was scary on stage. All eyes were on you. It was a good thing Lori's best friend Zoe got a cert as well, so she was standing next to me. The top three winners were three kiddos younger than me. I wasn't insulted. I simply admire their capability... Anyway, I guess this whole thing was an encouragement 'cause I haven't been feeling confident about my writing...

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  1. nice!!! very significant? you know what i mean.