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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spontaneous Finds

I'm pretty sure most of us, if not every one, have found ourselves wondering through the mall and coming across an unexpected SALE. This is exactly what happened to me a couple of weeks back. Lovisa, one of the chain female accessories stores, had a all rings for $5 sale. It turns out they were clearing their old stock out and bringing in new ones. I've checked out their rings before and often found them too chunky for my small hands or too expensive for my pocket. As fate would have it, I found a black fabric rose ring. Its original price was $6.99. It wasn't as much of a saving compared to the more expensive rings but it suited me. It was the right size, right price.

As the day progressed, I was making more and more unplanned but "sensible" purchases. By sensible, I mean affordable and reasonable. JR and I went to Officeworks after we left Lovisa because he wanted to get a refill for his fountain pen. We stumbled upon a section of "designer" stationery. The notebooks had wonderful hues of blues, reds, greens and purple. The pencil set was designed with care and creativity. I was instantly drawn to it. However, I have many pens and pencils at home, a lot of which were free.What I did buy was a set of 4 funky badges, something I'd always fancied having. I also bought a set of decorative magnetic pegs. There were both of good value.

After that I decided to search for a fabric shop that I walked past a few months back. I wanted to buy some laces and black tulle for my craft projects. With JR's "trusty GPS" (iPhone), we walked through busy city streets, looking for it. The GPS led us to a nearby location. From there, I followed my instinct and found the shop. And indeed, they had black tulle, laces and frills as I expected. These are what I bought.

What a day of spontaneous finds!

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