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Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 Pairs of Shoes & a Handbag

So I have this thing for shoes. I know I'm not alone in this. It's a female thing I suppose. Okay, I don't mean to generalise but I think it's the case for a lot of us girls. We've past the half way mark for 2011. And guess what? In those six months (from January to June), I managed to buy myself 4 pairs of shoes. Oh! And let's not forget a handbag as well. I was going to name this blog "4 Shoes & a Handbag", just like "4 Weddings & a Funeral" but I opted out because it'd be grammatically incorrect.

A bit extreme huh? Some people only buy shoes once a year and I managed to go through 4 years worth of shoe quota in 6 months. I do feel guilty and am appalled at myself. But they are simply irresistable! I'm not kidding. You'll understand what I mean once you see them.

I bought this pair of heels from Forever New. I think they are called Floral Harlows. Yes, they are one of the most impractical things that I've bought in my life but I love them! And that's all that really matters, right??! They cost $80 but I think it's worth it because they are of good quality. They are surprisingly comfy for a pair of peep toes!

I purchased this pair of smart-looking heels from Famous Footwear for $50. They are not of the extremely good quality, not very comfortable but hey, they look great! I simply couldn't sleep at night unless I owned it! I'm thinking I have some kind of "shoe disorder" going on? What do you think?

I made a bold vow that I would not buy another pair of shoes for 2011. Then, my ballet flats disintegrated after a month of traipsing around uni in them. I threw them out in outrage. I bought them at Famous Footwear for $15. I guess when you think about it, it's not so bad. Just $15... But if I had to buy a pair of ballet flats every month because they fall apart and can't handle all the walking, I'd be spending $180 a year! So, I decided that I could break my vow just this once. I got myself this $70 pair of pumps from Betts. It should last me AT LEAST a year... Hopefully!

Then winter came around and I wore my boots to uni everyday. Before long, I had worn the heels out and holes were forming there. They are 3 years old, so I didn't blame them. After my exams, my mum took me to DFO as a reward and bought me a pair of new boots from Wittner! It was on SALE! I got them for $100. Well, my mum paid for them, so my vow is still intact! Aren't they beautiful?

I've never owned a proper handbag before. The free beach bag from Elle and the simple, young girl-ish and brandless handbag that I own don't count. While we were at DFO, my mum spotted a collection of bags from Fossil. She really adored this bag and bought it for me. From $90 to $50, it was a bargain!

So, there it is. The tale of 4 (pairs of) shoes and a handbag!