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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Farewell Madison

Okay, I know this news isn't recent but I thought that maybe there are others out there who are as unware as I was about this. Madison magazine has been axed! I didn't even realise until my mum told me. She said she heard it over the radio. I was in denial at first. No, not my favourite magazine!  I did a quick Google search and sure enough, it's true.

It's really sad 'cause I genuinely thought that Madison is a decent magazine. It's full of intelligent stories, helpful articles and useful information. I've been subscribed to the magazine for a year now and I was going to continue the subscription. Now I feel a little lost. I cannot think of another magazine that can measure up to Madison.

So, goodbye Madison. I sincerely hope that the amazing team behind the magazine who have lost their jobs find even better ones, 'cause they definitely deserve it.

What's your favourite magazine?

1 comment:

  1. Madison was one of the magazines I thought was quite good - it had a great balance of articles: fashion, makeup, hair and then some beautiful meaningful stories, so I was gutted when I heard it's been axed!