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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Makeup Mistake for Photography

I recently attended a ball and I was really excited, particularly about the process of putting on makeup. I even had a couple of practice runs a week or so before the event, trying out different makeup looks and making sure there's no foundation flashback showing up on my camera.

When I left my house for the event I was quite happy with the makeup that I had applied. Little did I know, a mini disaster was waiting to unfold. I went through the night taking and posing for photos with my friends. When I got home, I decided to go through the photos properly. That's when I spotted the white strips under my eyes.

I kicked myself for not checking the first photo at the start of the night. I could have gone to the bathroom and corrected this makeup mistake! I had packed on a lot of my Smashbox translucent powder under my eyes to make sure my eyeliner smudge into that area. And worse still, I did that with my finger. Luckily, this only showed up in the photos where the camera flash was used. I still have a couple of photos without that makeup mistake showing up.

I know it's really strange. Isn't that Smashbox powder meant to be for flash photography? I think in small amounts it is but when you concentrate it in one area, it somehow flashes back. I believe a similar problem has been found with Make Up For Ever HD powder. See Wayne Goss' demonstration in the video below.

So ladies, please be careful with your HD or photo finish powders!

Have you ever made any makeup mistakes for photography? Please share!


  1. oh no :( but it's hardly noticeable, you still look stunning! :)

  2. Aw, you still look gorgeous!
    I'll remember that for next time I do special occasion makeup :)

  3. You look so pretty! Can hardly notice it, it just looks like you highlighted under your eyes!

  4. I barely noticed it until you pointed it out. So pretty still!
    Did not realise 'translucent' powder could show up so white.


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