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Saturday, July 19, 2014

People for Plants Skin Care Review

I was sent some products from People for Plants a while back and I thought it's about time I reviewed it. There were 4 products and I've listed them in the order they are to be used/applied. I'm going to keep this short and sweet!

People for Plants Cleanser & Make Up Remover 
RRP: AUD24.95
Review: If you're after a gentle and organic cleanser, then this is the product you might want to try. It is extremely mildly scented so it does not irritate my sensitive nose. I usually use this with a muslin cloth to help scrub off my makeup. That way, I don't have to exfoliate with another product, cutting down the steps in my routine!

People for Plants Mist Toner 
RRP: AUD19.95
Review: Whenever I think of toner, the word "hydration" never comes to mind. This toner is very soothing and does not strip the skin at all. In fact, it claims to hydrate the skin. I use this my spray the product onto a cotton pad before swiping it over my skin. Alternatively, you can just mist it directly onto your face. This product is also very mildly but pleasantly scent.

People for Plants Face Oil 
RRP: AUD29.95
Review: Face oil! I've reviewed a few on my blog (you can read them here and here). This one is another excellent option. Perfect for moisturising the skin and regulating sebum production. I apply this a few seconds after the toner, really pressing it into my skin with my fingers.

People for Plants Hydration Gel 
RRP: $29.95 
Review: After 30 seconds or so, after the face oil has been sufficiently absorbed by my skin, I apply the hydration gel. This product glides on the skin smoothly and you do not need a lot to cover your entire face. Together with the face oil, I find that my skin stays moisturised throughout the day; no reapplication needed.

Overall these are really decent organic skin care products. Oh and let's not forget, they are Australian made! If you're after something really gentle for the skin, then I recommend this range. My only gripe is that the cleanser was too mild for me. Other than that, I think People for Plants is definitely worth considering when you next go shopping for skin care products!

Have you ever tried any People for Plants skin care products? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I am yet to try out this brand but these products look promising. They are so reasonably priced as well!!