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Friday, August 15, 2008


Look at this photograph
Everytime I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red
And what the hell is on Joey's head


On Wednesday, my family, I, Auntie Rosse, Uncle Heinz and Auntie Elaine went to Montville and Milany 'cause there was no school. It was Ekka Day. Meaning a day off for people to go to the Ekka (this is only for Queensland). Anyway, the Ekka is like an exhibition as well as a fun fair. A bit like Pesta Pulau Pinang. So, this trip to Montville, I found myself taking lots of pics. Lemme know if they are good enough pics...

P.S. Montville and Milany are tourist spots...

Here's a very adorable and funny-looking cat for sale at one of the shops.

I find this piece of art appealing. Mum was tempted to buy it but she refrained herself.

I was crazy about taking photos of flowers during that trip. This one is rather dangerous 'cause the bees were buzzing around and my hands and the camera was really close to them.

I thought that these flowers were dainty and sweet...

We went to Montville because Uncle Heinz purchased paintings at this particular shop there. Thus, we found a few beautiful paintings... I think QueenChris might agree with us. This is a photo of my mum's fave.

Photo of my dad's fave.

Photo of everyone's fave! Dad loved it so much that he placed a deposite on that painting. He said that it'll be my mum's birthday present.

And the view there at Montville is better than any paintings!

This is Milany...

The first place we went to in Milany was a flower shop or whatever you want to call a place that sells plants and flowers. Note: it's not a florist... I really love this pic 'cause the stalk of the flower is really tall and I actually had to tip my toes, extend my arms, hold my camera over the flower, hope that it'll capture the whole flower and SNAP! This was a second shot of that flower. The first one I only caught a section of the flower...

I like this one too!! And it's PURPLE!!

I like these two too. There're so lovely.

These look like bells, don't they?

I really like this one. It's so bright and cheerful. Auntie Rosse bought my mum a bunch of red coloured ones.

What do ya reckon? Should I be a photographer? Not bad, eh? the pics I took. *sarcasm inserted* LOL!

Your beautiful,
That's all that I can say.
I'm caught in every way.
Don't every let the mirror tell you lies,
Just look at your reflection through my eyes.
Your beautiful.

Beautiful-Nick Lachey

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  1. the ones u said that look like bells, looks like 2 dancing ladies in dresses to me.


    Nice pictures btw. Beautiful place to be.