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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sweeeet Sixteeeeen

Oh yea! I am sixteen now! Although I didn't do anything special-but some people did something special for me-and didn't want to make a big deal about it-but some people did make a big deal out of it-I've decided to do a little something called sixteen things you oughta know about me, since I am sixteen now... (Inspired by footballfreakarse.blogspot.com)

Anyway, let's begin...

One. Writing is my way of life... I'm sure I've drilled that into your head by now...

Two. My 'new' random catch phrase is now "Oh shoot me." New to you?

Three. I have a purple teddy bear named Violet. Bet you didn't know that! lol.

Four. I'm still hot-headed, impatient and bossy but I reckon I've cut down a lot...

Five. The suffering ends when you die... My time on earth is bearable so I guess I don't mind
suffering a bit more... Freaky?

Six. I think I'd do pretty much anything to be hot-like Megan Fox!-for a day! XD This is just weird...

Seven. I'd like to meet Oliver James! He's sooo cute!

Eight. I am calm around spiders now. I even try to save them-as in not kill them but take them
out to the garden-if I can... No reason to freak out over a small insect, right...?!

Nine. I reckon the hairdryer is a good invention. Why not? I depend on it a lot!

Ten. I don't detest soccer/football as much as I use to... *shrugs*

Eleven! The dictionary is my favourite book! It hardly disappoints me! Once in a while, I can't find the occasional word... But that's okay!

Twelve. I have a new favourite anime! Vampire Knight! Super hot guys in there!

Thirteen. I'm kinda addicted to an online game... www.gaia.com A bit lame sometimes but fun!

Fourteen. "Check Yes Juliet" by We The Kings is a favourite of mine now! Awesome song! Thanks Myra!

Fifteen. I’m going to do my best to make my 16th the best age of my life! Duh! That why it's called Sweet Sixteen! *Smacks palm into forehead*

I can't wait to turn eighteen!!! Yea, who can?

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