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Sunday, November 30, 2008

All The Girls Like It...

Okay, I just hope that J R doesn't see this post... lol. Nah, it doesn't really matter...

My Choice of Top Five Hottest Guys are:

1. Jared Koronkiewicz a.k.a. QueenChris's hubbie

2. Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Myra's bf

3. Oliver James can he be mine? lol

4. Mitch Hewer OMG! Isn't he just hot?

5. Jared Padalecki *drools*

Having a nice time girls?? LOL!

My Choice of Top Five Hottest Fictional Guys from Novels are:

1. Jesse from The Mediator Series Suze is so lucky!

2. Adam Vader from The Boys Next Door I really did have a crush on him!

3. Edward Cullen from The Twilight Series He's number three because-I can't believe I'm saying this-I am a bit bored of him... Bella can have him...

4. Hunter from Wicca Series According to Myra I need a Hunter-like bf...

5. Drew from Major Crush He's simply charming...

Okay, there are good reasons why I put up the pictures of the book covers instead of illustrations or actors or models of those hot characters... They are hot because of the author's words and hot because of my imagination...

My Choice of Top Five Hottest Fictional Guys from Mangas or Animes are:

1. Kiryuu-kun from Vampire Knight

2. Kaname-senpai from Vampire Knight

3. Train Heartnet from Black Cat

4. Lee Syaoron from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

5. Yuri Shibuya (in his demon king form) from Kyou Kara Maoh

I'm sure everyone enjoyed the first part and not so much of the second and even less of the third... I guess that's it for now... Till I spot hotter guys... lol =]

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