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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Don't Cha Just Hate It?

Hey guys, I'm starting this "Don't cha just hate it" articles... Inspired by Maureen McCarthy's Rose By Any Other Name... Join in if you want. Don't have to write about things you hate... You can write about things you love...

Here it goes...

Don't cha just hate it when people talk? Whether it's behind your back when and where it's easy to eavesdrop or right at your face, oblivious that it's taboo the topic they are broaching. I'm not talking about bitching, bad-mouthing or back-stabbing here. Talk; as in prattling away like old housewives did about soaps, except I'm not referring to the master cheating on his wife with the maid and the brother stole millions of dollars whilst the son dropped out of school and the daughter ran away from home. People talk and when they do, it's not necessarily the most pleasant thing to the ears. Even if it comes from a beloved family friend who you have not seen in a while since you moved-and the only thing you could dislike about the person is her bad smoking habit-and has flown across the Indian Ocean to catch up with you.

Although the freshly brewed coffee smelled heavenly and the homemade biscotti tasted divine despite its hardness that came from being cut too thick, you still end up having a pretty bad day from hearing people talk. This friend updates Mum on the latest gossip about their rich friend's daughter's "downfall", which basically meant dating a man of a certain race that they are not fond of. As the traditional (translated) old saying goes: " We, people of the older generation have had more salt than you, younger generation have had rice." In other words, they are wiser and have more experience. I'd say in modern day language, it pretty much sums up to: "We're smart; you're dumb. So, shut up and listen to us!" If my parents were to read this, they'd be outraged and would without a doubt protest. Yes, Mum. Yes, Dad. This is how I perceived it!

Even the oldest living person in the world is not omniscient-and I am certainly not implying that I am. He or she may know ten different ways of reading the newspaper (back to front, bottom to top, sideways, upside down, etc.) and has unmasked the secret codes hidden in every ad but that still does not make the person a know-it-all. I'm saying this because I wish that I could smack the good ole "don't judge a book by its cover" at my parents' faces, and possibly every other well-intentioned however slightly racist adults. "Just because one guys is a jerk, doesn't mean he represents the rest of us." was what I got from an email. Sure, my parents could flip that around and say something true and similar. "Hey, just 'cause one guy is nice, doesn't mean the rest of them are."

This brings us back to judging a book by its cover. What people need to do is stop. Halt in their tracks of their busy little stuck up-ish lives for once and think. They go on and on, talking bad about other people. Speak for yourself! We're not that great a race! Nobody is perfect! The world would be BORING if everything was perfect! Heck, I wouldn't have to waste my time writing this entry and just enjoy chatting on MSN! Okay, I know it's really bad, those men lying to women, mooching heaps money off them before running off with another younger and prettier one. But look at the bright side people! At least he didn't kill the lady or harm or abuse her! Yes, she did go into depression... The poor thing... Goes to show why males are still the dominant gender.

Okay, what happens if the daughter of that wealthy family stumbled upon a fine young man, who just so happened to be from a notorious place? Couldn't the mother, who has all the free time in the world, spare a precious few hours to scrutinise this boyfriend fairly? You know, instead of spending a few minutes having a huge row with your daughter and ruining a great mother and daughter relationship? "Oh! This poor girl! She's gorgeous and smart! So successful! Such a pity she's falling into a trap!" They didn't even prove if the guy's bad!! Why couldn't people say stuff like she's been blessed with a rare treasure? Okay, maybe something less corny but you get my drift.

It really does ache my heart that I still can't voice my opinions. Not in a million years in front of people who talk. I just hope that guy proves these 'gossipers' wrong!!

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