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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: The Brush Guard review

I ordered a set of Brush Guards a month or so back. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this product thanks to Michelle Phan. If not, you can watch this video but don't worry, I'll explain it a little along the way. Since these are not sold locally (not that I am aware of), I had to order them directly from thebrushguard.com.

The Brush Guard are these little flexible cages that you slip over the bristles of your brush. This helps keep your brush in shape and minimises the amount of dirt exposure. This is very handy in terms of storage and travelling. You can easily throw them into your drawer or makeup bag without having to worry about the condition of your brushes. The Brush Guard comes in different sizes so that you can protect all of your different brushes.

Here are some of my brushes of various sizes.

I tried to do what Michelle Phan showed in her video, drying my freshly washed brushes by slipping them into a brush guard each and stand them inverted in a cup. It didn't work for me. The brushes remained damp after some hours and I did not find any water at the bottom of the cup. I still think is a good and useful product. Plus it was very affordable at USD$5.50.

Do you use The Brush Guard? How do you find it?

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