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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Lipgloss Disaster!

This is by far the dumbest mistake I've ever made, makeup-wise. My mum gave me this beautiful set of Estee Lauder lipglosses at the end of 2010 as a Christmas present. I know I should have thrown them out by now because they've past their use by date but I couldn't and still can't bring myself to do it. They are/were beautiful and I'm not even halfway through each tube. After all, there was a study that proved five-year-old lipsticks and eyeshadows to be still safe for use.

A few months ago I noticed my lipglosses have hardened up, I couldn't get the product out to apply on my lips. I googled for solutions to fix my "dried up" lipglosses but the closest I've found was Michelle Phan's lipgloss saver video. I tried it out and it didn't melt the product back down much. For a while, the lipglosses were left sitting in my drawer, untouched.

The other day, I had this stupid idea (at that time I thought it was brilliant). I thought that since warm water wouldn't make the lipgloss budge, hot water would. I cling-wrapped each tube and stood them in a mug. After the water boiled, I poured it straight into the mug. I didn't check back on my lipglosses until (at least) 15 minutes later. By then, it was too late. I think the moment I poured the hot water in, it was too late. I had ruined my lipglosses.

As you can see, the hot water "reshaped" my lipgloss tubes. It softened the product literally. It goes to show how "weak" the plastic used for these lipgloss tubes are. They were once rectangluar; now they are oblong. I really want to kick myself for doing it. At first, I was too shocked to be upset. Later, as reality sunk in, I felt morose and regretful. My boyfriend had to do the job of consoling me and reassuring me that there are better lipglosses out there waiting for me. I scoured the internet for websites that sell these lipglosses. I believe they have been discontinued and I was not able to find all of the shades.

So remember ladies, DO NOT soak your lipglosses in hot water. Warm water is okay. The water must not be hot to the touch. I hope this post can serve as a warning. Hopefully, no one will make the same mistake.

What kind of makeup mishaps have you experienced? Do share.


  1. your blog is absolutely gorgeous(((:

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  2. Oh no! Is the gloss in the tubes ruined?

    I'm relieved to hear about lipsticks and shadows being safe to use after a few years, I worried about some of mine being over 12 months even though I hardly use them.

  3. OMG! Nooooo!!! My heart broke just reading that! =(

  4. Oh no, poor you, I think my heart just broke a bit reading that...are the glosses okay though?

    Have you thought about maybe adding some clear gloss to it to prevent it drying up?

  5. Hey ladies, thanks so much for leaving comments! I think they are still okay. Thanks for the tip, Maiden! :)