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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Night with GHD + Oscar Oscar

Source: ghd.com
I attended one of Oscar Oscar Salon's GHD VIP Nights a few weeks back. I've been wanting to go since last year and finally got the means to attend this year. I was hoping they'd still do the "trade in your old straightener for a new GHD styler" deal again but unfortunately they didn't.

The event kicked off with a demonstration of how to create the runway hair looks from Sydney Fashion Week 2013 (If memory serves me right!). I managed to take a lot of photos on the night. Hope you like them! 

Demonstrating the new GHD Eclipse Styler

Styling a romantic ponytail

End result

The "blow dried curls" look is coming together

I would like to thank my housemates Ann-Marie and Mengying for coming along with me! Unfortunately, Mengying didn't join us for a photo. After the demonstration, we were given the chance to be styled by the Oscar Oscar hairdressers.

My hair was styled by a GHD Gold Styler
I picked up a couple of tips on the night and would like to share them with you. 

Tip #1: To achieve volume when curling with a straightener, make sure you hold your lock of hair up vertically and clamp your straightener/styler as close to the roots as you can and start from there. It will give your hair near the roots a lift. 

Tip #2: To set you curls and make them last, clip them up (with either alligator or pin curl clips) immediately and let them cool. If you are in a hurry, blast them with your hairdryer on COOL setting.

Goodie bag!

We were sent home with a goodie bag each. Inside were samples of Kerastase products, a GHD Tail Comb, a $20 Gift Voucher, a discount code for Talulah, a cookie and a couple of Kerastase pamphlets. 

Overall, I think it was an interesting and eye-opening event. Will I be going back next year? Probably not. I do not mean any offense to GHD or Oscar Oscar. I just think that going once is enough. I will not be gaining anything more out of it by going year after year. It'd be a waste of my time, energy and money. Having said that, I think a lot of the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the event and I think that it is definitely worth going once to experience it. Sorry GHD, I am not a convert as of yet.


  1. How exciting getting your hair styled!! Love your hairstyle and you are so pretty!!

  2. Oh wow girl, you are beautiful! :)

    Love your hair too! I wish mine looked like that every day effortlessly :)

    1. What a generous compliment. Thank you, Sharina! :)

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