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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bump It Up! A Review

My hair is very difficult to tease and doesn't not hold volume very well. It's coarse and heavy and drops faster than a hot potato on bare hands (did that analogy make sense?!?). I've tried it many times at home with a rat tail comb and a couple of different hair brushes but to no avail.

I even asked a hairdresser for advice on how to tease my hair. She gave me a sympathetic "Yea, hair like yours is very hard to tease". She grabbed a rat tail comb and said, "you use this!". Then she proceeded to yanking a lock of my hair up vertically and tugging the comb up and down against my hair vigorously. She was so distracted and rough with what she was doing that I swear I was going to be bald by the end of the appointment. I stopped her after she gave it a couple more goes. It was really hurting my scalp and ineffective at giving my hair more volume. Despite this unpleasant experience, I was not deterred from teasing my hair. 

I decided that I needed to cheat if I wanted to get my hair anywhere near as voluminous as Bridgette Bardot's. Enter Scunci Hi Styles... and Double Lift  & Tease Comb. The former was specifically requested by me; the latter was unexpectedly thrown in by the PR agent. I am impressed with this comb. It has been the only comb so far capable of getting my hair teased. Of course, the effect created on my hair still isn't as prominent as those with fine hair but still! It has made a huge difference! So I have the PR agent to thank for adding this extra goodie to my parcel.

As for the Hi Styles, I must admit that despite being an "easy to use" item, I struggled with it. I had trouble hiding the teeth and my hair kept falling down on the sides. Anyway, I persisted and kept practising. Soon enough, I figured out my own method of making this tool work for me. So I'm pleased with this product as well. Below is a photo of the end result after using the comb and the Hi Styles.

What do you think?

 Both these products are available at Priceline. The comb retails for AUD5.95; and the Hi Styles AUD9.95, which I think are very reasonable prices. I will be creating a tutorial for these two items very soon. The question is, would you guys like it in written (with photos) or video form? Please let me know if you have a preference!

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day!

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, these opinions are honest and solely my own. I will not falsely write a good review on "bad products" or "products that I do not like".


  1. Wow you get so much volume! Great job hun.


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  3. I've thought about this bump-it things too, my hair is so thin and flat :(

    1. Oh, if I could somehow lend this to you! You should give it a try. I feel your pain!