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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 
Claims: "Fertilises your follicles whilst going deep down into the cortex to condition and strengthen from within. Reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp."
RRP: AUD16.99
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Review: I don't generally write negative reviews but this product, unfortunately, warrants one. I bought this because Sharon Farrell on Youtube recommended. She loves this product and says that it has helped her grow her hair longer. Upon further research, I found more positive reviews than negative ones. With my fingers crossed, I went out and bought this product.

This product has a very strong floral scent. The first few times I smelled it, I thought it was nice. After that, it started irritating my nose. That's the first strike. The first couple of times I used this treatment, my hair felt nice and soft afterwards. With subsequent uses, I felt like my hair was not benefiting from the use of this product. I did not see an increase in length of my hair. What's worse? Every time I used it, a pimple would pop up on my scalp a couple of hours later. And that was the last straw for me.

I've stopped using this treatment but have yet to get around to throwing it out. Just as well I bought it at 40% off. Otherwise, it would have been an even bigger waste of my money! I am not trying to say that this is an absolutely horrible and disgusting product. All I'm trying to do is warn you. This product could potentially cause scalp acne if it's not suitable for you. If this product has worked wonders for you, then that's good for you and I envy you!

Have you ever experienced any negative effects from using a hair treatment product?


  1. At least you purchased during a sale. It's such a shame it didn't work for you. I honestly don't think any hair treatments could make your hair grow longer... It may strengthen the hair and lessen breakage but I just cannot fathom how it could possibly make you hair grow at a faster rate haha..

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. I agree with Sarah, growth can be encouraged from the inside but I'd never believe a product used externally could actually make it grow, I think it's horrid when companies claim this but they have a little disclaimer saying that it just prevents breakage. It's a shame that you didn't get any other benefits from it in the long run. If you prefer not to waste things perhaps you could use it once in a while as a softening treatment and not put it on your scalp? But if there is no way you can stand to use it anymore at least you got it cheaper than usual!

  3. I agree with Sarah, It's such a disgrace it didn't work for you. I genuinely don't think any hair medications could make your hair develop longer... It might fortify the hair and reduce breakage however I just can't understand how it could potentially make you hair develop at a speedier rate haha.. Thanks for sharing.

    Perte de cheveux