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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask 
Claims: "leaves the skin clean and purified. The self-heating mask helps to open up the pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out impurities from deep within the skin. As well as purifying, the mask will rebalance the skin’s oil levels to clarify, cleanse and give soft skin."
RRP: AUD19.99
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Review: This is my first thermal product I've tried. I must admit that I struggled a bit the first couple of times I used it. I am notorious for using products without reading the instructions first. But this time I did. I followed the directions a little too literally, or at least I misinterpreted it. It says to "Cleanse face..., leave skin damp". Okay, so I cleansed my face, it's wet... so that means "damp" right? I apply it. The product heated up immediately, right on my fingers before I could even transfer it to my face. There was a few seconds of intense heat, then nothing. And the instruction says to leave it on for 5 minutes. I thought to myself, "Well, the heat was short-lived." But I persisted, I kept trying the mask.

One fine day, it finally clicked in my thick skull. I patted my face dry after cleansing and applied this mask. It was like magic. It warmed up and stayed warm for a minute or two. "That's more like it!" I told myself in my reflection. I wash off the mask and my skin feels clean and soft. I secretly wished it would extract all my pimples but I guess I was being unrealistic. However, out of all the masks I've tried this is one of the better ones. Some masks make me feel like I merely cleansed my face a second time with it. This one doesn't. It does not strip my skin of oils.

I use this mask one to two times a week. Now, I mainly apply it to my problem areas: chin, around the nose, and forehead. I can see why Chloe Morello has enjoyed this mask. I requested for this product to trial because of her recommendation. I'd be interested to compare this to other thermal masks, perhaps a high-end one (i.e. Dermalogica) and see how it fares. But for now, I'm contented to keep this product in my regimen. I recommend it if you're after a low budget mask that does what it says.

Have you tried thermal masks before? What's your experience?


  1. There is something so appealing about a mask that warms on your face. :)


    1. That's what I thought too when I first got this product. :)

  2. I haven't tried thermal masks before, but I've tried Cellilux and it did an amazing job!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food