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Monday, June 16, 2014

5 People Who Can Help You Improve Your Blog

In this day and age, getting noticed on the web is hard. I've put together a list of people who have helped or still are helping me make my blog better. Hopefully this list will help you improve your blog, increase your blog traffic and up your game.

1. Dana from Wonder Forest
If you've read my review on her e-book Blog Wonderful, then you'd know about her. She gives out really good tips on her blog as well. Although it's usually quite basic, it's particularly useful to novices.

2. Kate Muegel from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily
Kate runs an e-course called Secret Bloggers Business. I'm currently taking it and I only have one word to describe it: amazing! I seriously thought I knew what I was doing with blogging but Kate proved me wrong. There's so much to learn! If you're really want to turn pro, I highly recommend you take this e-course.

3. Guy Kawasaki from Canva.com
Not only does Guy have a great sense of humour, he really knows his stuff when it comes to writing and social media! Like his Facebook page and you'll see lots of resources pop up on your news feed everyday. Keep an eye out for webinars that he runs with Peg Fitzpatrick about social media. I've watched one and it was quite enlightening!

4. Shameless Maya
Okay so she's a Youtuber, not a blogger. However, I find that a lot of bloggers these days are making Youtube videos for their blogs and vice versa! She has made a series of videos about photographer and video-making which I found helpful.

5. Your role model!
This is not specific at all but hear me out! I find that a blogger role model is important for inspiration and motivation. Whenever I look at a blog/blogger that I really admire, I say to myself, "Wow. This is really good. I want to do just as well or even better." And really, if you observe how your role model run their blog, you can pick up little tricks here and there to improve your own blog. It just takes a bit of exploring.

Here are some of my favourite big-time bloggers (in no particular order):

And for the record, I am not being compensated in any manner to mention the names above! I hope this post has been helpful. Good luck!

Do you know of any other persons who can help improve our blogs? Please do share in the comments.


  1. Thank you for the helpful hints! I've lost my way recently and am trying to figure out a way to get back into it! I feel like my life is so hectic its hard to find time for blogging. :(

    1. You're welcome, Melanie! :) I hope you find your way again soon.

  2. This was really helpful Ty! Thanks for the post. I feel like I've been unhappy with my posts of late but can't seem to find why or ways to improve them. Will def check out your suggestions!

    1. Glad to hear! You're welcome, Sarah. :)

  3. i love wonder forest too! she's amazing, i made an image map for my old blog from her tutorials! this is a great post ty, alot of people will benefit from this!

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