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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel Review

Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel
Review: Philosophy is renowned for their skincare products. I've heard people swearing by their cleansers and moisturisers. I was given the privilege to trial one of Philosophy's luxurious products, the microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel. First of all, don't be deterred by the price tag and secondly, don't be scared by the sound of "triple-acid" (it sounds like too much, I know but I promise it isn't!).

What this product does is basically chemically exfoliate your skin, removing all the dead (dull) skin cells to reveal the beautiful (bright) cells underneath. My skin feels smooth after using it, as though it has been magically resurfaced. I promise you I am not exaggerating. This stuff is pretty freaking awesome! It makes my skin look radiant. From what I was able to observe the effect usually lasts a couple of days and disappears as the skin builds up more dead cells. But of course Day 1 always looks the best. This product also helps speed up the fading of acne marks, after all it is an exfoliant.

The peel comes in soaked pads. These circles of cloth are not abrasive at all. It feels soft as you swipe it across your skin. The pads are individually packed, which I think is very convenient from a traveler's perspective and hygienic in general.

I use this product once a week or less, as recommended in the instructions. I swipe the peel all over my face after cleansing and drying my face. Then, I let the product sit for a few minutes before I apply my moisturiser. I do this at night, letting the product do its work overnight. Come morning, my skin feels super smooth and soft, practically silk-like. This product does not sting my skin at all; however, if you have sensitive skin, you're told to rinse it off after a few minutes as opposed to leaving it on overnight. My advice is to lay off your other exfoliators leading up to when you plan on using this peel.

Overall, I love this product. Yes, it is expensive for $7.90 per pad. However! I believe that it is a really good investment. Instead of using it once a week you can reserve them for special occasions. I plan on getting my hands on more when I run out! I hope you found this review helpful.

On a side note, please keep your eyes peeled this weekend because a makeup tutorial post will go live on this blog!

Have you ever tried Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel before? Please share your thoughts on the product! 


  1. the word triple-acid freaks me out but if you got a great use of it, i might try it out myself! great review ty i always enjoy reading them!

    Multitasking Damsel Blog

  2. I don't know how my skin will deal with this but the results sound out of this world! Triple acid does sound scary but if the results are honestly that good...

    AHAH. Ahhh the things we do for beautiful skin.