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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Change of Blog

Once again, after leaving my blog to decay in the corner of the massive dark void called the World Wide Web for several months, I've finally got around to "revamping" it. That meant changing the background and text fonts and colours, removing and adding images and adding another quote to it. It may not seem like a lot of effort to you but this is me: I take ages to choose colours. I try my best to bring out my creative side and try to match the text colours with the background colour. And of course, I suck at it... Immensely.

Now to the main point. Apart from revamping it appearance-wise. I've decided that I am not going to blog about the little quirks and mishaps in my life. Not that there's a lot of quirks in my life at the moment. I also have a tendency of forgetting the existence of this dear blog of mine. And so do many of my friends but I guess it's because I forget to post on it in the first place. But never mind that... No, this blog isn't going to be about me, me, me. I am not going to be self-centered and brag about the time I got triple straight A pluses on my Physics extensive experiment and report and there wasn't a single mistake to be found on it. Not even a single full stop or comma was misplaced. No, I am not going to mope about the time I bawled my eyes out in class and had to be dismissed because I got a B for the harder senior Maths that I felt obliged to take because of my cultural inheritance. Yes, I really cried for an hour and my neck hurt for the next days from sitting in an awkward position so that my hands can cover my face as I sobbed my heart out.

No. This blog isn't going to be about the epic failures and triumphs of Ty anymore. It will mainly consist of Ty's creative work. Just as the Blog Title states, it's going to be Ty's Blog of Epiphanies. I've always aspired to be a writer since the beginning of high school. I'd embark on crazy writing frenzies only to be shot down with comments like, "Hey, this reads like Harry Potter!" I have yet to give up. My best friends have been really encouraging and supportive of me. They were the ones who gave me the constructive criticism that I needed. I owe them a lot. Now, I am just going to post whatever creative nonsense that spirals into my mind. This is going to be easy for me but not so easy for my dear friends.

You see, my creative nonsense aren't that creative or nonsensical enough to be funny at all. So it can be concluded that Ty's blogs usually are boring. I don't have the talent of blogging, I must admit, but it's a skill I hope to obtain. Christina's blog has a great flow of words, accompanied with pictures that look like they were taken by professional photographer when in fact was mainly taken by Christina herself with her trusty SLR camera. Great language + Great pictures = Successful blog! Myra, on the other hand, doesn't have to try hard with words, it comes to her because she's good at English, too. Although simple, her blog is full of anecdotes that are bound to make you cry from laughing too hard. It's just its down-to-earth-ness that keeps you going back for more. As for Jessica, she may not have posted much but there was certainly one memorable post that I had my heart churning for her. Yes, heart churning, not stomach churning. Otherwise, her posts were of really amusing YouTube videos and at a stage, about Twilight and her trip to Bangkok where she bought Myra and Christina Team Jacob and Team Edward caps respectively.

I guess these friends of mine would most certainly to dreading to return to the days when I bug them about their opinions on my work. Christina would be straightforward and yet hesitant at the same time, trying to phrase the thoughts and feelings in her head. She craves for romance novels and told me that if I didn't include any form of romance into my writing, she wasn't doing to read them. Myra would help me more on the grammatical errors that I make from writing too slowly and thinking too quickly. Jessica would do the same but try not to offend me, seeing as we're not close enough to spit at the each other without being slightly appalled or affronted like she and Myra can.

So there you go. That's my introduction to my upcoming posts on this blog. Don't say that you weren't warned... Let the nonsense begin!

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