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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year Nails Tutorial

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Did you know that CNY is celebrated for 15 days? It's Day 8 and I thought it is high time I show you what I did for my nails.

Before we begin, there are three main items that you need to gather: 
- a red nail polish
- a gold glitter polish
- a triangular sponge

The following items are optional:
- top/base coat
- nail polish remover
- cotton buds or a small brush

Step 1. Paint on your base coat if desired. Wait for it to dry. Paint on a layer of red nail polish. Apply a second coat if the first coat is not opaque enough. Leave your nails to completely dry (at least 15 minutes)

Step 2. Choose an edge from the triangular sponge and apply the gold glitter polish to that edge. 

Step 3. Press the sponge edge down onto the tips of your nail. Move your sponge up and down in a dabbing motion, pressing the glitter onto your nail.

Step 4. Dip your cotton bud or small brush into nail polish remover and clean up any mistakes around the edges of your nails.

Step 5. Apply a top coat if you want the glitter to stay on for longer.

There you have it! My CNY nails. It's not too late to start celebrating Chinese New Year. Get into the groove by sporting this nail design!

P.S. This nail design works for Christmas too!

What are you wearing on your nails this CNY?


  1. Happy CNY, TY!! Remember me? I am so happy to see your wonderful blog. Its amazing and I love your reviews.


    1. Oh my gosh!!!! Hi, Melissa!! Have spoken to you in ages! Thank you!! <3

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    3. I came across your blog while searching for reviews on Bobbi Brown's lipstick. You did a good job convincing me to get one. =) I've sent you an email. Keep in touch.

      Also, if you are interested, visit my blog to find out what's been up to my life lately.