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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Came in the Mail This Week?

As much as I claim to be super busy with uni, life and everything else in betwee, I seemed to have found time to shop online. This week, the postman brought me, a bag, a bottle of perfume and a hair product.

I've been lusting after this bag on THICONIC for some time now. And with all the complications in my life lately, I thought I'd buy it to cheer myself up a little. I was really excited when I saw the package at my front door when I came home from uni. I left it by my desk and went off to prepare and have dinner with my housemate. It was already night time when I ripped the packaging open and took a photo of it.

The next morning, I picked up the bag to admire it. In better lighting, I noticed all of its faults. It nearly broke my heart because I am quite fussy about things that I buy. I want them to be as perfect as possible. After all, I paid money for it. Then again, I couldn't really blame them. This bag only cost me $40 and it's made in China. Chances are the working environment for the factory workers are poor and stressful. I know I am making a generalisation here but I've just seen too many crappy China made products. I don't think I ever want to buy clothes/bags online again.

Big ball of thread

Speckled with brown/black marks

Manufacturing fault!

When I returned home that evening, two more packages popped up on my doorstep. It was the perfume that I bought from THEICONIC. I've been eyeing Viva La Juicy for a long time now and they were on sale on the website. You can say it was an impulse buy but it was such a good deal! I couldn't resist.

The other package was from the PR agent for Moroccanoil. I will be road-testing the Glimmer Shine spray. Keep your peepers out for the review.

My good friend/housemate/coursemate noticed that I was taking photos of the perfume and hair spray. "Let's have a photo taken together!" she exclaimed. "In our jammies?" I asked, with an eyebrow raised. She went to our whiteboard (yes, we have a whiteboard) and drew/wrote a monogram. It got me really happy and amused at the same time.

She unknowingly cheered me up. The faulty bag was no longer on my mind and I wasn't so bothered by it anymore. It just shows how material can never really satisfy you in life. Friends (and family) will always be the ones making life more vibrant and wonderful.

"Cheese! We're in our jammies!"
Have you ever experienced any online shopping "disasters"?


  1. I love Viva la Juicy, I was lucky to win it as a part of the Best in Beauty products on Beautyheaven in December.

    And thanks so much for the lovely comments on the Philip Lumea review on my blog, you have really made my day!!

  2. Yes, I whole-heartedly agree with the message on that whiteboard, and that the power of our relationships with others mean so much more than our material possessions.
    I think pjs should become everyday wear, they're super comfortable and to me, honestly they look awesome! I'm saving up for that perfume, every time I'm at Myer, I go past and spritz a bit of it on me, love it :)

    Enjoy your purchases and your weekend xx

  3. I absolutely love viva la juicy! One of my favourites.
    You're so lucky to have such a good friend :) They're hard to come by.
    Nice post xx

  4. viva la juicy is my daily fragrance! you definitely won't regret buying it. I love it soooo much, I still haven't found another fragrance that I love more to replace my close-to-finishing bottle !