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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Makeup Diary's Birthday Giveaway!

Image source: http://www.makeupdiary.org/

I bet your eyes are bulging or on the verge of popping out of its sockets. The blogger of Makeup Diary, JC, is having this amazing giveaway to celebrate her 23rd birthday! So if you're up for scoring yourself $200 worth of Sephora goodies, head over to her blog and enter.

But WAIT!!!

Before you do that, I'd just like to say that it'd be nice if you actually took a few minutes to go through her blog. Don't just hit Follow because of the giveaway because it's a pretty great blog to read!

I really like JC's taste in makeup (and handbags if I may add!). From MAC to NARS, this Hawaiian lady is constantly on hauls* and documents it religiously, something which I am in awe and jealous of. Her swatches** are pretty helpful too. You get to see what the colour of the eyeshadow or lipstick looks like on skin. Well, it's helpful for me anyway because my skin tone is somewhat like JC's. To top it off, her posts are enjoyable to read. She's doesn't ramble on... like I do. She gets straight to the point and you feel like she's actually tell you about her day or what she has bought!

So, give her blog a read. She didn't just hit over 2000 followers for no good reason. You might find yourself listing her as one of your favourite beauty blogs!

Now, back to her giveaway. Don't forget to read the instructions carefully. You wouldn't want to mess it up and miss the opportunity of a Sephora shopping spree. You can't fool JC, she goes through all the entries and disqualifies those who don't follow the rules. Don't miss out! So, good luck!

* Haul - a mini shopping spree
** Swatch - have a quick look at or testing out the makeup product

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