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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Emily Blunt Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I wasn't aware of Emily Blunt (and her gorgeousness) until recently. I only noticed her after seeing the poster for the movie Five-Year Engagement. At first, I thought "Huh, interesting. Who is this actress?" I only started to get to know her (impersonally, of course) when I came across a small feature of her in an article written on Primped. A couple of weeks back, I was reading the June issue of madison (I take forever to read/finish a magazine) when I found an article on her in it.

The large photo of her (I believe, at the Tribeca Film Festival 2012) really caught my attention.The more I looked at the photo, the more I realise how amazing the makeup look she wore was! It's such a versatile look! It can go with practically any outfit, whether it's casual or formal.

Emily nailed her black eyeliner by having it nice and thick but not too flicked (or at least her makeup artist did). I also liked how the black eyeliner was balanced out with some gold shimmering eyeshadow under her eyes. I think that fuchsia is an all-rounder; you can wear it during both warmer and colder months. I'm currently obssessed with this lip colour so I'm giving Emily two thumbs-up for wearing it! Lastly, to avoid looking like a clown, Emily had her blush applied oh-so-subtly to her cheeks. Kudos to you and your makeup artist, Emily!

I love this look so much that I decided to recreate it. Besides that, I think that this look is universally flattering and I would like to show everyone that it can be easily achieved!

Step 1. I started off by covering my blemishes with concealer. You can put on foundation if you like, I just chose not to. Just remember to powder your face afterwards because for this look, Emily's skin was quite matte.

Step 2. For the eyeshadow, I used Urban Decay's Naked Palette in Half Baked. You don't have to use this particular eyeshadow. Any (lighter) gold shimmering eyeshadow will do.

Step 3. This step is optional. I applied the gold eyeshadow all over my lid and stopped before my crease.

Step 4. I lined my lower lash line with the same gold eyeshadow. Using a pencil brush would be best but since I have yet to own one, I just used the edge of my stiff eyeshadow brush (from Urban Decay).

The last picture is to show you what you'll end up with after you're done with these steps.

Step 5. Line your eyes with either black liquid or gel eyeliner. And do so thickly. Create a tiny flick at the end. Keep in mind that we are not aiming for cat eyes here. I used Bobbi Brown's matte black eyeshadow and a wet angled liner brush.

Step 6. Curl your lashes if necessary.

Step 7. Apply generous coats of mascara to your lashes. Don't forget to apply mascara to your bottom lashes as well. Emily's lashes looked very long but not particularly voluminous, you may want to choose a lengthening mascara if you want to stick as close to the original look as possible (but it really depends on your needs). I used Rimmel's Scandaleyes mascara, which is both lengthening and volumising on my lashes.

At the end of Step 7, my eyes looked like this. You may add false lashes if you wish (for more drama) but Emily kept her lashes looking quite natural.

Step 8. Moving on to the lips, I slicked on Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop. This is my current favourite lipstick/balm and I will be posting up a review soon!

Step 9. I stopped at Step 8 but you may add a light blush if you wish. So ta-da! This is my finally look!

With more sunlight.

With less sunlight.

With effects.

Do you like this look? What do you think of my tutorial? I'd love some feedback, thanks!


  1. I love it hun... You look as prerry as Emily Blunt.


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  3. The lip colour is pretty spot on! I love the eye makeup, it looks like it would work on many eye shapes.