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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: If You Have a Lot of Time to Kill...

 As promised in the winners announcement post, here are the videos that I've made.

In these videos, you'll get to hear suggestions/comments made by other entrants. I also let you know my thoughts on them and give you an idea as to which requests I will be fulfiling! I apologise for the poor quality; I was using my brother's old film camera. Forgive me for the length, there were 98 entries to go through! I ended up cutting a lot of them out. What and you'll see why!

I spent A LOT of time filming and editing these videos and trying to upload them onto Youtube. I hope you liked them! Fingers crossed that you don't feel like I have wasted half an hour of your lives...

What do you think of the videos? Should I make the occasional video or just stick to writing?

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