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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Fight Against Skin Cancer

Ellie-Jean Coffey is Pretty Shady
Summer may be coming to an end for us Australians. However, this does not mean that the sun stops blasting UV rays at us every day. Did you know that more UV rays are reflected around on a cloudy day? You might think it's shady but you should actually be keep your sunnies on!

Cancer Institute NSW recently launched a campaign, called Pretty Shady, to raise awareness, particularly amongst "young people" about skin cancer. I suppose the Slip Slop Slap campaign is more appealing to kids than young adults.

I am all for prevention because it's always better than cure. Instead of boring you with all the skin cancer facts, I'm just going to show you my "prevention arsenal". I've stocked up on sunscreen and have vowed to use it every day as part of my New Years' resolution. I can't wait to give the Neutrogena Wet Skin a try to see if it lives up to its claims.

I've had these sunglasses for 2 to 3 years now. They are by Maui Jim and they are polarised. I bought them from 1001 Optical. They've been serving me well and you'll almost never ever catch me without them during the day.

I don't wear hats because I don't own one. I am searching for one though. I'd always try to use an umbrella when I'm walking outside during daytime. Yes, it looks "very Asian" but it also means that the health of my skin is preserved.

Are you a pretty shady person? What steps do you take to prevent skin cancer?


  1. i love the sun but i always forget to put sunscreen on. love your sunglasses!
    x, R || http://themuselessthoughts.blogspot.com

  2. Sun protection is so so so important. I personally don’t leave the house without SPF on my face, and I have started using it on my arms for the mornings i drive to work (no tinting on my windows). My family has had 1 too many skin cancers removed, and I almost lost someone dear to me from it. SPF is the most important thing you can do to prevent ageing as well, so it is in all of our best interest to use sunscreen!

    Luc x