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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sweet & Sassy Saturday: Hair Extensions

Sorry about this really late Triple S post. Like I mentioned before, I had assessments this week and have been really busy but I'm keeping my promise: to post on every Wednesday and Saturday without fail. Anyway, on with the post!

I've been obssessed with the idea of clip-in hair extensions lately. As you know, I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now and it's still not the length that I want it to be. It doesn't help that my hair is falling out a fair bit, since I want my hair thick too. So I thought, why wait around for long and thick hair when you can have it instantly... well, after you buy the hair extensions from the store, of course.

Daven has put together a video on hair extensions. It's a run down on what types are available out there but I feel that it's not as informative as I would have liked it to be. Sorry, Daven. But you're still my favourite hair guru!

The Luxy Hair sisters also made a number of videos on hair extensions but of course, it's mainly about their hair extensions. I find them really good because it's gives me an idea of what I have to deal with if I get a set of hair extensions.

After watching all their videos, I was really tempted to get my hands on some Luxy Hair Extension. Then, I recalled the vow I made. I promised to not buy from the internet and support fellow Australians and the economy whenever I can. Hair extensions are something that are readily available where I live, so I have no reason to look or buy from the internet... Except it's at least $100 cheaper if I buy it from the Luxy sisters. I went from store to store to compare quality and prices. If they are as good as the testimonials claim them to be, Luxy Hair has the best deal by far.

I'm holding it off for now and weighing my options carefully. The most practical thing to do is to not buy any. I'd save myself anywhere from $120 to $299! After all, it's not an essential item and I won't die if I don't own hair extensions.

So now, I'm reaching out to all of you who are reading this and who have some knowledge and experience in this area. Do you have or have you tried hair extensions? Who and where did you buy it from? What advice do you have for me?


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