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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Cat Eye & Red Lips

I hope that everyone had a good Easter break, especially for those of you who are at school or uni, now that it is well and truly over. I apologise in advance that my posts for the next two weeks will be increasingly short because I'll be sitting for exams.

I was in Melbourne towards the end of my one week break. The great news is I got to buy some really nice clothes and eat wonderfully delicious food! The bad news is I hardly studied at all. I lugged two heavy textbooks all the way there, only to have read one section from one of them.

Anyway, while I was there, I noticed a lot of girls (Asian ones in particular) rocking the cat eye and red lip look. They looked simply exquisite! I've yet to pull off a perfect cat eye (usually the angles on both my eyes don't match up) but I vow to practise until I achieve it. Until then, I will not post up a photo of me wearing that look.

Source: corallista.com
Adele has the cat eye look down pat.

Source: jennysuemakeup.com
Megan Fox is wearing the perfect red lips. 

Source: bisanation.blogspot.com
Oui, tres chic.

Please let me know if you need links to tutorials for red lips and/or cat eyes but I'm sure you're capable of finding really good ones yourself. Or maybe, you're so good that you're already teaching others!

Do you rock the cat eye and red lips look?

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