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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweet & Sassy Saturday: Dandruff Drama

Hooray! It's finally Saturday! Okay, I know there's nothing sweet or sassy about dandruff but I really wanted to post about it so here we go. Dandruff has been a long time enemy of mine. It's been popping in and out of my life relentlessly. I've been plague by it again these past few months (since the end of 2011). I've been trying, in vain if I must add, to get rid of it.

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In December, I tried TBD's recommended Listerine treatment. My scalp becomes comepletely dandruff-free for a day or two, which is great until it comes back. The other drawback is that the baby oil component leaves my hair extremely greasy. It looked like I haven't washed my hair in months. It's not because I didn't rinse the treament off. It's just really hard to wash the baby oil off and it usually takes me up to three washes before my hair gets back to its normal non-greasy state. I only recently watched Andrea's video on Listerine treatment. She did it without the baby oil and maybe that's what I should have done.

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In January, I gave olive oil a try. I thought I might be flaking because my scalp was too dry. So everytime before I washed my hair, I would massage my scalp with olive oil and let it sit for about 15 minutes or more. Perhaps I didn't employ this treatment for long enough but I didn't see or feel any difference. My scalp was still itching and flaking, making second-day-hair unbearable. My hair was still falling out more than usual.

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In February, I decided to use a garden plant. That sounds crazy but it isn't. I applied aloe vera gel straight from the plant to my scalp (this is as organic as it gets). I did this at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to washing my hair. It really soothed my scalp and reduced itchiness but it did not help with my dandruff. On a separate note, fresh aloe vera gel is very good for the hair. It gives me shiny and bouncy curls when I use it as a hair styling product. Just slice off a stem/leaf and you will get its gooey goodness oozing out from the cut. Peel it open as you use it. I apply it on wet hair and then blowdry. Don't forget to remove the spikes first or it's a one-way ticket to ouchville!

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By the time March rolled around, I was too busy and lazy to bother with any treatments. I've been living with my horrible dandruff condition until about a week or two ago. I bought myself a Head & Shoulders Scalp Massage Cream for Anti-Dandruff Care. It's been keeping my dandruff and itchiness at bay so far. I will have to use it for a few more weeks before I can post a proper review.

So I have my fingers crossed for the H&S product. I'll post a review and a dandruff update in a months time (hopefully). You're probably thinking "why isn't she worried that she might be balding?" I'm not because I'm still growing hair; I have tons of baby hair sprouting out from my scalp, which is ironically annoying yet comforting to see.

Edit: Happy Easter! 

Have you ever had any dandruff dramas? What was your method of treatment?


  1. I hope it works for you! when i was younger I had dandruff problems but not so much now. Would it be the haircare you are currently using causing this?

  2. Hey kerker, I have no idea. I've been using the same shampoo for years now that it never gave me any problems. Maybe it's time I changed it.

  3. Most people fail to get rid of dandruff and keep it for life coz they do not follow up on the treatment i guess...

    Personally I've found Paul Mitchell Tea tree special shampoo to be the best.

    More info on that here: Tea tree oil for dandruff treatment