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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Triple S: The Big Hair Trend

Really sorry about another late Sweet & Sassy Saturday post! I've been busy and with exams coming up, I'll be even busier! But fear not, I've already prepared some content/posts to schedule.

So I was playing around with my hair the other day and I was wondering why everyone's after big and voluminous hair at the moment. So I tried it out to see for myself. 

No Volume


 As you can see, having volume in your hair, especially at the top part of the head really "lifts" your face up. Having your long hair fall so flat and close to the skull just makes you look older. It pulls your face down, making it look longer. Having volume, like in the photo on the right, makes you look younger and more lively. Do you agree?

Want voluminous hair? Here are a number of easy ways you can achieve it.
  1. Blow dry your hair in the opposite direction you want it to fall so that when you flip it back into place, it will not fall flat against your head easily.  
  2. Backcomb or tease your hair, especially at the roots. After that, let your hair fall back into place and brush your hair out ever-so-lightly to smooth your hair out (instead of walking around with a birdnest on your head!).
  3. Hair powder/dust. They are the latest rave. I have yet to try one but according to Lilit, from Makeup and Macaroons, they are easy to use, cheap and work like a charm. To read her review, click here
  4. This is my favourite trick by far because it's so simple. Just switch your parting! For example, during the day, I'd wear my parting on the right and come night time when I'm going out, I'd flip my hair over, creating a left parting and boom! You have bigger hair.
What are your thoughts on "big hair"? What are your tips and tricks to getting it? Comment below! 


  1. Goood idea!! <3

    I usually don't towel dry my hair after. Rather I keep them as it is until next morning. next morning when i use comb I get perfect result. xox

  2. Oh cool. I should try that. Thanks for sharing. :)