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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hygiene & Makeup Go Hand in Hand

So I said I'd do a post on hygiene and makeup. As promised, here it is!

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After having learnt about bacteria and hygiene in my previous post, this one is a given. Sanitise your hands or wash and dry them before you start applying any form of makeup.When applying product with a finger, opt for the fourth finger (the ring finger). It's been scientifically proven to be the cleanest finger because it is the least used finger.

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Wash your makeup brushes frequently (at least once a week) because bacteria can grow on the product left on the bristles. If you're going to use your brushes on someone else, best to wash it a day beforehand and let it air dry. After air drying your brushes, avoid leaving them out or you will have dust and bacteria landing on them (undoing the cleanliness). I normally remove dust from my brushes my dusting them off on the back of my hand and then quickly store them away in a drawer.

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False Eyelashes
I find that these fine little hairs can trap dust and bacteria so don't leave them out. Keep them covered in the case that it came in. You'll be placing it so close to your eyes that dust and bacteria can transfer to your eyes easily.

Source: glossandmagic.blogspot.com
Don't share eye or lip makeup, especially mascaras. You may think that you or your friend are clean people but you will still have a certain amount of bacteria on you. The types of bacteria that you and your friend have are more than likely to be different. The last thing you want is to come across a "new bacteria" and be infected by it. If you want to know how to sanitise your makeup so that it can be used on others, watch this informative Youtube video by gossmakeupartist.

  • Sanitise/wash and dry your hands before you start your makeup. 
  • Your fourth finger (ring finger) is the cleanest.
  • Don't leave anything exposed to the air for long periods, dust and bacteria will land on them.
  • Don't share eye or lip makeup. If you wish to, you must sanitise it first.
Do you have any other tips to add? I'd love to learn more.


  1. Great tips, I never knew that about the ring finger being the cleanest!

  2. @The Made Up Maiden, thanks! I learnt that when I was in the Drama Club in my first high school. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these handy tips..I spray all my brushes with with anti-bacterial 'Isocol' to kill any bacteria.


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