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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Triple S: Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Review

I received a deluxe sample of this product for entering in Estee Lauder's Challenge on Facebook. I've tried it out for a little over two weeks and have stopped using it. I will explain why in a minute. I was really excited to receive this sample because I thought I could finally get rid of my pimple scars rather quickly and achieve effortlessly radiant and even skin. Plus, for a really expensive product, I wanted to trial it first before I bought it. So here it is, my review for Estee Lauder's Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator.

It smells heavenly of grapefruit. If you looked at the ingredients list, you'd find a number of fruit extracts on it, especially citrus ones. Yes, Vitamin C plays a role in collagen production, etc, etc. However, my lecturer at uni believes that we're better off buying 1kg of oranges, apply the juice all over our faces and then eat the oranges. She says we'd be getting more Vitamin C to our skin than using some expensive beauty products that only has a small percentage of Vitamin C in it. And that really is the truth. However, that did not stop me from wanting the Even Skinton Illuminator to be a miracle product.

This product is a serum, so it is more fluid than moisturisers. I was told to apply this straight after cleansing my face and to apply moisturiser after it. I did as I was told, religiously applying it twice a day as instructed. It did brighten up my face but that's because it deposited what appears to be glitter particles on my skin, which reflected light. The lady at Estee Lauder said that it would take at least two weeks for me to see any difference and that it also varies between individuals.

After using it for a little more than two weeks, I studied my complexion and could not see any significant difference to my pimple scars. That's okay. What really peeved me was that my skin was reacting to it (at least I believe it was). My skin became the opposite of even, with many tiny little bumps appearing on my forehead, cheekbones and chin. It distressed me because my skin is normally quite smooth. I asked my boyfriend if he noticed any difference to my face. He said that the product definitely brightened my skin but at the same time he did notice the little bumps.

I've stopped using the Even Skintone Illuminator for a week now and the bumps are still there but not as many and as severe. I'm currently breaking out as well and am trying to combat that by going on "skin detox". This means drinking more water, eating less greasey food (no chips for me) and cutting my products down to a minimum (just cleanser and a simple moisturiser). Fingers crossed I can get my smooth skin back!

Overall, I think the concept is great but I think it cannot work for everyone, which is the case for most beauty products. Everyone's skin is unique and so no product will work the same for everyone. If you're one of the people who are really happy with this product, I'm happy for you. I wanted this product to be all the rave that it is/was but, unfortunately, this is not for me.

  • Smells really nice, contains citrus fruit extracts.
  • Apply after cleansing and follow by moisturiser. 
  • Brightens up the skin but have yet to see it remove pimple scars.
  • Will not use it again because skin reacted badly. 
  • Doesn't work for everyone; not for me. 


  1. Ohh sad to hear that it didnt work for u.. I have dry skin with no scars or pimples.. It worked very well with me. It has lightended my skin tone + love the smell and glitterly look as u said.. I am truly amazed that i am planning to buy full size product even though its bit expensive. ;)

    Thanks a lot for vitamin c concept hun.. I never knew about it..

  2. @saziyap, I'm really happy to hear that it has worked out for you. :) You're welcome.