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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: 5 Random Facts About Me

I'm really sorry this is a bit late for my usual Wicked Wednesday post. As you can see (from the title) I am a bit stuck on post ideas. So any suggestion or request that you have is more than welcomed!! Plus, I'm really busy. I have a 1500 word report to finish by Friday. It may not seem like a lot but it's a really tough report and I have a presentation to do tomorrow on top of that.

Anyway, enough with the moaning and complaining. Let's get on with the 5 random facts!

Random Fact #1: I have a terrible habit of toucing my hair... constantly! I can't go 5 minutes without running my fingers through it or playing with it. I've been trying to correct myself for quite some time now and still am. My coursemates probably think that I'm the bimbo of our lot, seeing as we're meant to be the " elite group of nerds".

Random Fact #2:  I don't shave or wax my legs... ever! I'm sure I've just widened quite a few pairs of eyes with this statement. I have few and rather fine hairs on my legs so there really hasn't been any need for me to shave or wax them off. My mum is really lucky. Her legs are practically hairless (well, that is not true but it appears so anyway). So I've inherited a bit of that. Though I must say that I have been considering waxing because I can see those hairs and peer pressure/society's expectation is starting to take its toll...

Random Fact #3: I'm sure I've mentioned this before; the first makeup item that I owned is a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette, at the age of 18. So I did not start wearing makeup until I was 18. I still love and use it.

Random Fact #4: I don't drink alcohol. It has many bad "side effects"/consequences. This will be a whole topic/post for another day. However, I do take a sip or two from my boyfriend's wine glass occasionally.

Random Fact #5: Despite having an obsession/infatuation with makeup, I do not wear it on most days. So you'll see me out and about bare faced. At most, I'd just wear a coat of mascara and a slick of lipgloss.

Care to share a random fact about yourself? I'd love to hear about it.

Bonus Random Fact: this blog is turning 4 soon! Keep your eyes peeled for a big giveaway!!

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