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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Triple S: Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder Review

This finishing powder by Smashbox is a translucent one. I've read a number of reviews online and most people are happy with it. There were an odd few who said that it can give a white cast to their face and ruin their makeup. I was tentative about buying this product but the lady at Mecca Maxima assured me by saying that if I'm not happy with it, I can return it within 14 days. I happily paid $40 for it.

Just like most loose powder products, this one isn't very portable. A lot of powder comes out through the sift when I carry it around in my bag. So I'll just have to set my makeup at home. The packaging is decent, nothing fancy or expensive. I've used it a few times now and it did not give me a white cast, like the MM lady promised. What really impresses me is that it gives my face a smooth satin finish. It lasts few hours and you don't need a lot of product. In fact, the best way to avoid any form of white cast is to use a very minimal amount.

It blends in so smoothly that it's not detectable to the naked eye. I can only feel its presence when I touch my face and get a satin feel. It's does not feel heavy or cloggy as well. I would probably term it "lightweight".

So overall, I am happy with my purchase.

  • Decent packaging.
  • Not portable. 
  • Amazing satin finish; "lightweight". 
  • Lasts a few hours and don't need a lot of product.
  • Not cheap but not expensive either.
What setting powder do you love and use?


  1. Great review. I am wondering how this compares to the Australis face powder? People seem to love that one and its super cheap. I myself havent tried either.

  2. @bbB, thanks! :) I've never tried Australis face powder. It'd be interesting to compare. Let me know if you ever try it.

  3. great review! xx


  4. Great review. I'm currently using Benefit Matterial Girl, and I know exactly what you mean with the sift thing, as Matterial Girl does the same thing. I do quite like it though. Does the job in setting my makeup, but I'll probably find something else to use once I've used it up.

  5. Thanks, Abigail! :) I think it's time someone invented better containers for setting powders!