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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Demo & Technique

 If you can recall my review on LM Tinted Moisturiser, I did say that I would do a demo post and that I'd also teach you how to stretch your money and product further. So below is a photo of my (a part of) my cheek without anything on.

I use LM Tinted Moisturiser in Sand. So here's what the product looks like prior to blending. It has a foundation-like consistency. It's not thick like most moisturisers.

This is after blending it out with my fingers. As you can see, the product pretty much disappears. It's a perfect match for my skintone. You might say that it looks like it doesn't give any coverage what so ever. Well, that's because I've applied very little and a lot of the product probably ended up seeping into my fingers as well. I know it works because I've coverage some light pimple scars with it before.

So how do I maximise my usage of this expensive little product? I usually squeeze out some on the back of my hand. Then using my fourth/ring finger, I dab and dot the tinted moisturiser all over my face. I load my foundation brush up with a bit of regular moisturiser (so that it doesn't take up the tinted moisturiser) before blending the product out. If I feel like my foundation brush isn't doing a good enough job of blending it out, I use a Sigma Angled Kabuki brush to buff it into my skin, after having loaded it with regular moisturiser of course.

What foundation technique do you use? Please do share!

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