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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Eye Makeup Removal

Source: tips4beauty.blogspot.com
I recently came across this article about removal of  eye makeup. No, it's not written by some celebrity makeup artist or by a makeup remover manufacturer. It was written by optometrists/eye doctors. It's really fascinating because what they write in the article is true and not many makeup-wearers are aware of it. Not removing makeup properly does not just clog your pores, your eye makeup will irritate your eyes and affect the quality of your tears. Women who wear lots of mascaras and line their waterlines are more prone to dry eyes.

You might think, "Okay, so what? I can just use eye drops." Yes, but tears are an essential part of your defense/immune system. It contains enzymes that can break down bacteria, which helps to protect the eye from infections. Using eye drops will keep your eyes moist but it will not contain all the natural enzymes that your tears have. Since I've read the article, I've been cutting down on waterlining my eyes. I still wear mascara but since I seldomly wear makeup, it should not affect me. 

However, if you do wear a lot of eye makeup and love and cannot live a day without it, just make sure you take time to remove your it. The article advises against using waterproof makeup and oil removers because it leaves a bit of residue behind. Please read the article for a full explanation. A way to improve the quality of your tears is to eat fish regularly. A lot of fish contain omega 3 fatty acids.

As for actual makeup removal (including eyes), I love Lisa Eldridge's method. She's a high profile makeup artist who has worked with Kate Winslet, Emma Watson and (let's not forget!) Katy Perry, just to name a couple. She's really amazing and very knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoy watching her Youtube videos.

  • Remove your eye makeup properly!!  
  • It affects your tear production, causing dry eyes and poor tear quality.
  • Tears are essential for protecting your eyes. 
Do you wear a lot of eye makeup? Do you experience dry eyes? Please share your experience.

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